Nuts for Super Bowl

We got rid of our satellite service last year so the Super Bowl has snuck up on me. Didn’t Super Bowl used to be the last Sunday in January? Anyway, we’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. I know you’re saying why would you go since you aren’t into football. Well, we enjoy spending time with friends and doesn’t everyone want to see the new commercials. I like to take something when I am invited to someone’s home – so now I have to think of something to take. Let’s see what I have in the pantry.

How about a trail mix?  You will need: ½ c. chopped pecans; ½ c. pistachios; ½ c. almonds, unsalted; ½ c. raisins (I like golden); and 1 c. short pretzel sticks.  Spread nuts on a baking sheet. Roast in 425 degree oven for 5 minutes. Let cool and then mix with raisins and pretzel sticks.

You can use any nuts that you have in the house. I also like to use ¼ cup dried cranberries with a ¼ cup raisins. For a different flavor, sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar for sweetness on the warm nuts before mixing with the raisins and pretzels.   Use this in sack lunches for a great snack – to prepare servings use a measuring cup to divide into snack-sized plastic bags.

Enjoy this trail mix while watching the Giants and Patriots on Sunday!  


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