Decoration Storage

Years ago I started collecting holiday decorations. At first it was just the big holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Then about 5 years ago I started buying and saving little decorations for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. I would purchase a couple small items to decorate my office at work. You know you can get great deals after the holiday – then you have new decorations next year 🙂

I used to keep my decorations in card board boxes in the garage. This was a mess because not only do the boxes collapse but they begin tilting then eventually falling over. If water gets into the garage then you have even a bigger mess. Some of the decorations get wet, then comes the mold (of course this is if you do not notice for months. You know how that is if you use your garage for storage and not for parking cars ;-(

I don’t recommend going out and buying new plastic containers for these decorations but you may find some being used for something else. For example, we used to breed snakes so we had all these plastic shoe boxes. After a thorough cleaning, one of them was the perfect size for my small collection of Valentine’s Day items. I had a medium size storage bin that had a pasta maker in it. As it was really too big for just the pasta maker, I am now using it for my St. Patrick Day items. I did purchase some larger plastic storage containers for Halloween and Christmas as I collected more decorations. I now have one plastic container for Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, and St. Patrick’s Day as well as four for Christmas and five for Halloween. I am still looking for a plastic container for Easter so that will mean more decluttering. I’m sure I have something laying around here that needs to be thrown away or put to good use.

Does anybody really decorate for patriotic holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, or Fourth of July?  Maybe I should start collecting items this year to show my patriotism.  What do you think?


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