50 States Quilt

I started a quilt years ago and have finally gotten back to working on it. This is pretty time consuming as this is an embroidered quilt with one hexagon for each state and a large center piece with all 50 states on it. The pattern does provide suggestions for the bird and flower colors so it is a very colorful quilt. As I am hand embroidering the pieces I plan on using a sewing machine to connect them. I learned to quilt from my grandmother who did everything by hand so I will probably do the quilting of the front and back by hand. Of course I will need a quilting frame to do that so I will be sharing that with you in the future.

My goal is to complete this quilt by the end of the year. I have completed the first 13 states so that leaves 37 to go plus the large center piece with all the states on it. I will need to complete at least 2 pieces a week in order to accomplish this task. Here are a couple of pictures.

If you would like to make this quilt for yourself, you can find the transfer pattern on-line by typing in “50-State Hexagon Quilt” or use this link to order the pattern:


3 thoughts on “50 States Quilt

  1. My mother made this quilt top for me. It is a treasure! I want to have it quilted, but have no idea what pattern to quilt on it. Also, is machine quilting possible with all the embroidery? As you can tell, I know nothing about quilting.

    1. I was working on the embroidery while I was watching TV until I started driving a truck over the road with my husband last year. I’m hoping to finish it next year. You could probably get away with diamonds or squares for the quilting. I also have the instruction sheet if that would be helpful to you. I’m not very good at machine quilting but I’m sure that someone with experience & the correct machine could quilt it for you. Otherwise you would need an extra large quilting frame to do it be hand. Another option would be to back it and frame it. Then you could hang it on a wall in your home so everyone could enjoy it.

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