Who would have thought – me reading classic books. I recently read The Odyssey by Homer. I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology so I did enjoy the read. The most difficult part of The Odyssey is the names and the way they speak. Some of the stories include the Trojan Horse, Athena and the anger of Zeus. Amazing what the people did to honor the Greek Gods.


DraculaI have also read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This must be where all the vampire movies began. From the garlic – to the cross – to the burying in the dirt – and – the stake in the heart. It is a good read except for the way they spoke – you know that proper English language. How do you turn into a vampire? Not positive as it seemed like Dracula and his clan could change some in one bite and others took more. Did you know that if you’ve been bitten and the one that bit you dies you are human again? Wait isn’t that in one of the movies?


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