Chirizo & Flap Meat

Since Mac & I started the Ketogenic diet while we were over the road (OTR) truck drivers, I was making dishes that were high fat with moderate protein and little to no carbohydrates. So one day when we went to get propane at our local convenience store, I decided to pick up some chirizo and flap meat. When I combined them, it was a very tasty dish.


Chirizo_1Just this week, we went to get propane so I picked up these same meats and made the dish again. You first take your chirizo out of the casing and cook it in a large pot until the fat has rendered out.



Chirizo_Flap_Meat (2)

I cut the flap meat (which is thinly sliced beef used in carne asada) into strips and then placed it into the pot. I let this cook for 3 to 4 hours over low heat. You need to cook this type of beef either very quickly or for a long time for it to be tender. You can place a diffuser under the pot so it cooks very slowly. If there is not enough fat in the cooking chirizo and flap meat you can add some oil so there is a little liquid fat while it is cooking. The only other thing I put in the pot is some salt to enhance the flavor. You should not need to add anything else as chirizo is usually spicy.


This time I served the meat with a little goat cheese to mellow out the spiciness. To make a complete meal I made buttered cauliflower. As you can see this makes a very nice looking plate and was very delicious with a slight kick.Chirizo_Flap_Meat_Cauliflower (1)


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