Quilting Hoops

I have finished tops to 3 quilts (flower garden, grandmas favorite & rainbow square) . But I did not have a large quilting hoop or frame. My first thought was to go to a sewing machine store to buy a machine especially for quilting or at least find a frame or hoop for full or larger size quilts. Wow was I surprised to find out that sewing/quilting/embroidery machines have went high-tech. You hardly have to sew at all.  The machines can be programmed to quilt for you.  Now this technology is very expensive also.  The least expensive quilting machine was $2200.  They accept trade-ins and payment plans almost like buying a car.  Can you believe it?  They also only had small embroidery hoops.  Nothing as large as I wanted.


Quilting Hoops (6) So I went to Amazon & purchased 2 wooden quilting hoops for around  $50.  Quilting Hoops (3)One is a round hoop of 23 inches in diameter. Quilting Hoops (4)The second one is an 18 x 27 inch oval hoop. I figured that I could use these while watching television and not have to get a loan for a special quilting machine.





I may change my mind in the future but for now I will be hand quilting.


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