So when my oven quit working last year, we did without for over 6 months.  Then we decided when the Labor Day sales came around we would see if we could find one we like.  I really like the stove tops with the center, 5th burner.  We decided to go with black as a change from the white appliances we have had for years.  Here is our stove/oven with the center burner being used to cook bacon on a griddle.New Stove 9-15 (2)




I thought the black stove would be easier to keep clean than the white.  I was wrong.  Even after wiping down with a bleach cleaner it still has streaks.  The only thing I found to make it look brand new is a stainless steel cleaner.  If anyone out there has a hint on how to keep the streaks down on black appliances, I would love to know.


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