Grandma’s Favorite Block Quilt

Grandma's Favorite (2)I decided to make this quilt with a green material I had used to make a Halloween costume several years ago. I thought I had plenty for a full size quilt but I was a couple of squares short. The standard full/double blanket is 80 X 90 inches while the twin is 66 X 90 inches. By the way, a queen size blanket is 90 X 90 and a king is 108 X 90.


Grandma's Favorite (3)The size of this quilt before putting on the binding edges is 60 X 90 inches. Since this is an odd size, is will be more of a throw than a blanket for a bed. I will be adding an edge of 3 inches with a backing made of a sheet that I have with a dark green edge.







How do you like my helper? This is Dude and he enjoys trying out the blankets or anything else I spread out to work on.

Grandma's Favorite & Dude (3)


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