When we bought our house and land, it had a jacuzzi built into the deck. After some renovations, we were able to use it (mostly a new heater). One day we woke to what could be described as something, maybe wires, burning. Walked around. Couldn’t find anything. At the time I believe I was a stay at home hubby and Tina went on to work. Couple hours passed and I finally found the source of the smell. Then entire jacuzzi electrical system had a melt down overnight. When I walked by the outside workings of it, it was still hot and the 240 electricity was still flowing. The breaker did not break as they are intended to do. Ran to the panel and shut it down. There was charring all up the side of the decking. We were super lucky to not have burned down.

At the same time this happened, we had a monitor lizard. He loved goldfish. The ten cent feeder fish from the pet store. When he died from old age, we had a rainbarrel with five fish still in it. I got the bright idea to put them in the jacuzzi that we weren’t going to use anymore.

Forward ten plus years later, those five fish are still alive and they have made more to the tune of maybe two dozen (you try counting them LOL). Here’s where we enter aquaponics. I finally put the fish to work to earn those pellets they have been getting all these years (and honestly they can go weeks without feeding because they live off algae).

Youtube is awesome. So many people are doing this same thing of growing plants and using the fish water for all of the plants nutritional needs that it was an easy search (and seriously this has been done for thousands of years). Now, a month and a half later, we have this:Garden 1_17_16

The old bathtub was first. Then, wanting to expand of course, I remembered the kiddie pool Tina had bought for the dogs last summer. We had some leftover drain rock from a project last century so I used that in the bottom of each. We had bought a “bag” of pea gravel from Lowe’s for the tub and had a little left over.20151113_122551[1]

How to get it out of the truck? Tree! And cables and chains and oh what fun 🙂



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