Cross Stitch Towels

I had these great cross stitch bunny rabbit patterns from  * “The Creative Circle”. My first decision was on what fabric or other item I would place them on. I decided to stitch them on these blue hand towels which would be perfect for a child’s bathroom.Cross Stitch towels (1)To cross stitch onto a fabric or towel you need to cut a piece of what’s called ** Waste Canvas. I generally use 14 count waste canvas on smaller items like these towels. You simply cut a piece of waste canvas a little larger than your design – then baste it into place. Make sure to mark the center so you know where to start your cross stitch design. After you complete the cross stitching, simply get the design wet so you can pull the strings of the waste canvas to remove them. Then you have a completed design.

It took me a while to do these because they are pretty detailed and I only worked on them in the evenings watching television. But they turned out really nice.

Cross Stitch towels (5)Cross Stitch towels (6)

* I don’t think “The Creative Circle” is still around anymore because when searching on-line nothing came up under the name and having anything to do with crafts. If anyone would like to try their hand at this cross stitch pattern, let me know. Since the company I purchased the kit from is no longer in business, I should be able to share the pattern.

** You can usually pick-up waste canvas at Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael’s or other craft/fabric stores. If you can not find it locally you can definitely purchase some on-line.


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