Salt & Pepper Shakers

I’m sure everyone has a wood salt shaker & pepper grinder set somewhere in their house. Or at least did at one time. I decided to brighten up several old items around the house & one of them was my wood salt & pepper set.

To do this was pretty simple. First put painters tape (you know that blue masking tape) on the metal holes on top of the salt shaker and the bottom where you fill it. Then remove the top of the pepper grinder and cover the top & bottom so you won’t get any paint onto where the pepper will pass through. With this done simply use a spray paint color of your choice, I chose red because I was in the mood for a bright color. If you are actually use them, you will want to do 2 coats so they are covered evenly and extra well. If you’re just using them as a decoration, then 1 coat would be sufficient.

Salt_Pepper (1)




Here is what my bright revamped salt & pepper set looks like now.


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