Basket Weave Pillow

Since I am making the Rainbow Square quilt I thought I will also make a Basket Weave patchwork pillow using the maroon fabric to match.


Basket Weave Pillow_5

As you can see these fabrics are colorful and should make for a very pretty pillow. This pattern is simple as it uses strips of material made into 9 squares.

The top of the pillow is finished so now I am using a fabric that used to be the lining of a skirt to make the pillow form. This is better than just stuffing your finished pillow. It gives you the capability of changing the pillow case when you want a change or it needs to be washed. If you purchase a preformed pillow, you can place it directly into your finished pillow case.


Basket Weave Pillow (1)



By laying your pillow top on the lining, will allow you to make the pillow form the correct size. Then cut the solid fabric in the same manner.






Basket Weave Pillow (3)Basket Weave Pillow (4)

Next you will sew the pillow form and the pillow case with right sides together leaving an opening on 1 side.





Then stuff the inner pillow with poly-fil. At this time make sure, the pillow form fits inside the pillow case properly before sewing the opening closed with a quick stitch. If all fits well, place the pillow form into the pillow case. Then you can hand stitch the opening of the pillow case or you can do a top stitch all the way around the pillow case to seal it shut. As my pillow form fits snugly into the pillow case, I had to do the quick stitch to close the opening.

Basket Weave Pillow (8)Basket Weave Pillow (6)

Basket Weave Pillow (7)


As you will notice I am using a solid blue fabric for the back of the pillow. This gives you an option a print or a solid depending on your mood.Basket Weave Pillow (9)


Basket Weave Pillow (10)

And voila – a beautiful pillow!


3 thoughts on “Basket Weave Pillow

    1. It is very easy since you just attach 4 strips of material and then cut them into squares. You can actually make the strips any size you want which would make for a larger pillow or a small blanket.

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