Romaine vs. Wind

romaine 1-29-16Mac has designed this aquaponics bed with the 45 day cabbage and red romaine.  They have been growing since November 2015.  These are great for salads any time and very tasty.  Isn’t it amazing how vegetables always taste better when they are home-grown.


We live in southern California and don’t get much weather. But when we do, it is often extreme.  Yesterday (January 31st) a rain and wind storm came through our area. We got a little rain but the wind was vicious.  It blew about our house all day and night and this is what our once lovely romaine now looks like. romaine 1-31-16 The 45 day cabbage did not sustain much damage as it is low profile.  The only positive thing is that the romaine did not break  just got a little bent.


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