Umbrella Day



I did not know that there is a day set aside each year to celebrate the umbrella.  But that is today.  Living in Southern California we don’t see much rain so wouldn’t think that umbrellas would be very useful here.  However, many people use them for shade when walking down the street on our hot summer days.  Not only will an umbrella keep you dry but they can also keep you in the shade.  Have a great day whether you are using an umbrella or not.  🙂



* How to Celebrate National Umbrella Day

It’s great to show a little appreciation towards a nifty invention like the umbrella, a functional object keeps you safe from the sun and dry from the rain. It’s also a decorative object for many, serving as an accessory that can even be color coordinated with your outfit. Enjoy this unique national holiday, celebrated in the United States every February 10th.





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