Laurell K. Hamilton Book Review

anita-blakeOne day when Mac & I were in a dollar store we found this hard cover book about a female vampire hunter. Had never heard of the writer but since it was only a dollar it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Mac read the book in no time and decided he wanted to read more. So he looked on-line and found that Laurell K. Hamilton had written 18 books beforeAnita_Blake_BULLET Bullet with Anita Blake as the vampire hunter. Since I had not read Bullet, Mac thought it would be better to start with the first book which is Guilty Pleasures.Anita_Blake_Guilty_Pleasures
At this time, I am ahead of Mac reading these great stories about vampires, lycanthropes, and other supernatural creatures. Laurell has done a very good job in creating a likable hunter that develops interesting (and some even sexual) relationships with the creatures she hunts.


Anita_Blake_Killing_DanceRight now I am reading The Killing Dance which is book 6. I enjoy the author’s style of writing which is very descriptive and gives you a true visual of clothing, locations and crime scenes. Sometimes the relationships become so descriptive you almost think you are watching a movie.


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