Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King


Just finished reading Mr. Mercedes. This was a little different from Stephen King’s normal writing because this is more of a detective story without any supernatural characters or events. That being said – King was still able to provide some twists and turns to this story. The story starts off with an event that sets the stage for an interesting adventure. You are then introduced to the detective, Bill Hodges, who has just retired from the police force. Then there is a strange fellow that comes into the picture. This sets the theme for the rest of the book with a climatic ending and a surprise – of course.


You become connected to the 4 or 5 main characters and how they interact with each other. There was a couple of times that I didn’t appreciate the relationship between Hodges and the others but overall they worked well in the telling of the story.

If you like detective stories you should definitely give Mr. Mercedes a read. If you are a fan of the supernatural, thriller, horror, suspense stories of Stephen King, you should be ready for a different style when you pick up this book.


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