Multiple Personality Day

sybilMultiple Personality Day is just a day to bring awareness to dissociative identity disorder. I’m sure many of your, just like me, feel like we have more than one personality. But the fact is with this disorder you literally do not know the actions of the other personalities. Sybil is probably one of the best known name/movie regarding this disorder. There was also a television show called the United States of Tara which addressed multiple personalities also.





* Multiple personality disorders have touched the lives of those dear to my heart and I simply want to bring more awareness to this illness. This is very misunderstood and most people think of Sally Fields in the movie Sybil. While the truth is, many of us have experienced some form of very mild Dissociative Identity Disorder (the newer and more politically correct name) when getting lost in the moment or even daydreaming.

Another huge misconception associated with dissociative identity disorder is calling it Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is NOT a multiple personality disorder.National-Multiple-Personality-Day-March-5-1024x512




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