Today we were supposed to get our truck in Little Rock, Arkansas.  But things did not work out.  We are still finishing up our orientation tomorrow.  I will have to say that they have been very good to us especially in regards to the food they provide for lunch.  We told them we are on a Ketogenic diet and they have provided us with a rotisserie chicken the first day, barbecue pork & chicken yesterday and today a salad and charcoal broiled hamburgers.  All this being said, I thought about the burgers that we make at home.  We take grass-fed beef and some pork to give it the fat we need.  We then fry them up – add some cheese.  This is what they looked like.  Yummy!!


2 thoughts on “Hamburgers

  1. I did the ketogenic diet this last year, and I have now switched to a simply low-carb diet. However, I will say that I see much more benefits from the ketogenic and I had a crazy amount of energy! I might have to go back!

    1. With a Ketogenic diet you can adjust your carb intake to what your body needs. So are you still eating a lot of fat, with moderate protein and low carbs? Just remember that if you have a high amount of fat in your diet you must have very low carbohydrate intake.

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