Creed Movie Review

CreedLast night we watched the newest Rocky movie called Creed. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it when it started because of the rap music at the beginning. But as we continued to watch it we fell in love with the characters and remembered why we always loved Rocky. He is a goodhearted man that has lived and loved. Most of the movie is spent showing us the relationship that develops between Rocky and Adonis (son of Apollo Creed). There is always a girl involved and this time her name is Bianca who is very supportive of Adonis.

Although this movie is about Creed’s son, I thought Phylicia Rashad played the part of Apollo Creed’s widow very well. She appears at the beginning of the movie and then only has a couple of brief appearances later in the movie. But her character was well written and had a very important part in the movie.

The movie ends with a boxing match which is typical Rocky style. And as usual it always leaves the possibility of another sequel. So if you like a feel good movie this movie is for you.


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