National Beverage Day

Since today is National Beverage Day give this refreshing cocktail a try.

Cucumber & Dill CocktailCuccumber Dill Martini1

3 – 1” cucumber slices
2 sprigs of fresh dill
Juice of 1 lemon/lime (approx. 2 tbsp. Juice)
2 oz. Vodka
6 ice cubes
2 oz. Tonic water or seltzer

Muddle your cucumber slices, dill & lemon/lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Add vodka along with ice. Shake vigorously. Add tonic water, stir, and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice & a sprig of dill.  Serves 1


* This unofficial holiday is celebrated annually on May 6 and is also sometimes called National Beverage Day. While the origins of Beverage Day are unknown, we can all safely assume that the day encourages people to honor their beverages of choice and acknowledge that a humble beverage has the power to make or break many situations. A good beverage can energize you after a long, tiring day; it can make a long, boring meal go fast; it can bring together two strangers; and it can make a party more fun.

Whether your preferred beverage is a hot cup of tea, a delicious and healthy smoothie or a tall glass of lemonade, Beverage Day is the perfect excuse to indulge yourself by drinking it all day long.

  • Sit back, relax and celebrate the day with your favorite beverage. It could be anything from something as simple as water to a fancy cocktail.
  • Try new beverages. What about tasting the national drink of a country you have never visited?
  • Have a tasting party at home. Pick up a beverage you and your guests like and make or find different versions of it to taste and try. For example, you could do a beer or wine tasting party or a tea or coffee tasting party. Have each of your guests bring their favorite brand of beverage to share and serve foods that pair with the beverage of your choice. Who knows, you may just find your next favorite beverage at one of these parties!





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