Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

I do not have an Ugly Christmas Sweater for today. It’s funny that they actually have kits you can buy at JoAnn’s Fabric with items to place on the sweater of your choice.  I guess that’s the trend to have at least one ugly sweater.  Maybe I should start looking for an ugly sweater for next year or even start crocheting one for next year.  We’ll see how that ends up.  Have a great and fun day wearing your ugliest sweater.



** It’s the time of year for Christmas music, holiday cheer, gifts, and food galore, spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, ugly sweaters. Getting decked out in the tackiest, most ridiculous Christmas sweater has become one of the highlights of the holiday season, but since you (probably) won’t be wearing one more than once or twice a year, don’t break the bank on your hilarious ensemble. We’ve found some ugly Christmas sweater DIYs that are easy to do and barely cost a thing. And when in doubt? Just add more glitter.




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