New Year Resolution Status


I’m feeling really good about my resolution progress. My resolutions are: learn how to crochet, learn how to weld, set up a Twitter account, and refresh my HTML knowledge so I can improve my blog and possibly set up a webpage

I had some red & green yarn but no crochet needles. I got a 10 piece kit with 7 crochet needles, 2 large hole sewing needles in a case at WalMart. Next I found a video on YouTube for beginners and away I go. I can make a chain and make a couple of rows of single crochet. My tension is not very good yet but I will continue practicing.

We purchased a 90 amp welder at Harbor Freight tools. I got a new welding helmet, gloves and sleeves. Mac welded in the Army so he is helping me. I was able to weld 2 pieces of metal together but it wasn’t very pretty. More practice in my future for sure.

I did set up Twitter and Instagram accounts but haven’t made any tweets or messages yet. Not sure my life is interesting enough that anyone would want to follow me.

I took a college class on how to set up a webpage about 4 years ago. I can’t find the book and since I didn’t make a webpage I have forgotten what HTML codes to use. I also can’t find my HTML book so I searched online and found a sight that tells you what HTML codes to use to create banners, tables, marquees and more. So now I will be trying some different things on this blog and than move on to making a webpage.

How are your resolutions going on day three of 2017?


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