Friday the 13th Movies



Being Friday the 13th, I have decided to do a review on both movies, 1980 & 2009. It’s crazy that they keep remaking movies. I guess they can’t think of any new subjects. They also have another remake coming out this year, 2017. Can’t believe it 😦

In the 1980 movie they did a very good job. It’s starts out in 1958 with 2 counselors being killed. Then it jumps to the current day (which happens to be 1980) with one girl hitch hiking to Camp Crystal Lake to be the cook for the summer. She gets a ride from a truck driver and got 10 miles closer to the camp then starts walking again. The next ride she gets is not so nice. This movie has great gory details on the kills. This is a movie where Kevin Bacon is a cute hunk of a counselor.  At first I didn’t recognize him because he was so young. The counselors are working to get the camp ready for the kids who will be arriving in two weeks. All starts going down hill when they start wondering off either by themselves or in couples. You never see who the killer is until the last 10 minutes of the movies. WOW what a surprise. Not who I expected. As always with horrors there is one survivor – and she’s kinda lost her mind. Can’t blame her with everything she sees.

When starting the movie made in 2009, Jason’s mother gets her head chopped off. Then we travel to a more current time where 5 unsuspecting young people head into the woods near Camp Crystal Lake. It doesn’t take long before they get to meet Jason. Now jump ahead to present day, which happens to be 2009, and we get to meet another 6 young people and Clay who is played by Jared Padalecki (from Supernatural). Since Clay is not with these other people, you know he has to be the hero. The rest of the movie follows the same horror movie agenda. The young people start separating from the group. Then they meet Jason and live no more. I was surprised that the killings weren’t more graphic. The ending is also normal as there is only one survivor.

If you don’t get enough of Jason in these movie, they did make 3 sequels in the 80’s. If I remember them correctly they are pretty good. Have a great Friday the 13th!


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