Chocolate Cake Day



I do love chocolate and have made some changes on what type of chocolate I eat.  I eat cacao, which is unprocessed chocolate.  I have been cooking ketogenic for about a year and half.  To celebrate Chocolate Cake Day I got my recipe from “The Ketogenic Cookbook” by Jimmy Moore.  You can also find this recipe online at Maria Mind Body Health.







I made the Almond Roca Mocha Cake from this book. There are a lot of ingredients.






I did not have any 6 inch cake pans so I used two 8 inch pans.  This meant my layers weren’t as thick and could not be cut in half.  My cake therefore had 2 layers instead of 4 layers.


Besides the cake, I made the soaking syrup.almod-roca-mocha-cake-7

mocha moussealmod-roca-mocha-cake-8

& frostingalmod-roca-mocha-cake-9

Then I assembled the cake and this is what it looked like.almod-roca-mocha-cake-13almod-roca-mocha-cake-15



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