Mango-Mint Margaritas

It’s Margarita Day once again. Yippie! This year I am sharing a Mango-Mint Margarita that is very yummy. The best part is if you don’t want to get fresh mangos then you can purchase mango juice for this beverage.


3 mangoes, peeled, pitted and chopped
or 4 cups of juice,
plus thin unpeeled mango slices for serving
2 c. silver tequila
1 ½ c. fresh lime juice (about 12 limes)
¾ c. sugar (only if using fresh mangos)
2/3 c. packed fresh mint leaves
24 oz. Club soda or seltzer


Working in batches, puree chopped mangoes, tequila, lime juice and sugar in a blender until smooth.

Just before serving, pulse in mint just until finely chopped. Stir in club soda. Serve over ice, garnish with mango


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