Multiple Personality Day

Do you feel like different people sometimes? Some days I feel organized and in control, while other days I feel a little distracted. I realize this is not the dissociative identity disorder known as multiple personality. I’m sure this is a very terrifying disorder and today we should remember those folks that are suffering.


* Multiple Personality Day is observed on March 05, 2017. Get in touch with yourself on this day and see the many facets that make you who you are. There is more than a good and evil self inside, if there is such a thing a t all. This day shall show to us that our self is build up by so many facets that they can almost be seen as multiple personalities.

Apart from that there also is a multiple personality disorder. Those people have no choice: Parts of their self secede and build up a very new self, with an own conscious. Most often those personalities do not know about the other. The patient experiences gaps in their memory. Multiple Personality Day can also be seen as an awareness day for this severe disorder.




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