Star Wars Quilt

On National Quilting Day, I said I would try to work on this Star Wars Quilt Kit.  I did get it started and have completed the top.







I finished Grandma’s Favorite Block made of green fabric as the common color and different flower fabrics which I posted in January 2016. Since I plan on giving this to my son & daughter-in-law, I decided to put the Star Wars Quilt on the opposite side. I know normally people only have one side of a quilt as the decorative part and the other side just a backing. I thought this quilt with two decorative sides could be used as a wall hanging or a blanket. You know give them the choice of want they want to see.

Once the Star Wars kit was completed, I realized that it would not work on the back of Grandma’s Favorite Block because of the size difference. The Star Wars quilt is 37” X 54” and Grandma’s is 60” X 90”. I’ve decided to use a gray fleece back and binding on the Star Wars quilt.

For Grandma’s Favorite Block quilt I will probably be doing some solid pieces of fabric with a flower binding instead of using a sheet with a green binding as I originally planned. That should work out really well. I’ll let you know when it is completed.

Here is how the Star Wars quilt looks before I put the back/binding and the batting. I will show you the finished quilt in a couple of weeks.


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