Ferret Day

I have never had a ferret even though we have had rats, snakes, goats and pot belly pig. They are cute and I have heard that they are ornery. Does anyone have or had a ferret? Would love to see pictures if you have any.

**Ferret lovers from all over the country will be wishing one another a happy Ferret Day on April 2nd, just as they have for the better part of two decades. However, this particular Ferret Day in 2014 will be different than any other previous one in that it marks the first time that it is officially recognized. But if ferret enthusiasts have already been celebrating the day for years, why does it matter if it is official or not? And how did it ever become official?

Carol Roche of New York purchased her first ferret, Gnarly, off of Craig’s List four years ago. She quickly discovered that ferrets have many endearing qualities. These charismatic pets are as affectionate and social as puppies and independent and playful as kittens. They are mischievous, interesting and possess limitless amounts of energy. Like so many people around the world, she fell madly in love with them. Over time, she soon became a ferret rescuer and on her way to establishing a shelter for these adorable animals. Being that Ferret Day has been around for the better part of two decades, she was surprised to find out it wasn’t an official observance. So Roche set out on a mission to make it so!





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