Moscato Day

I don’t consider myself a wine drinker but there are times when you just have to have a little drink of fruity White Zinfindel. I have also found that I like Moscato wine which is a fruity, usually white, wine. I found a Bellini recipe using fresh raspberries but decided to use Moscato instead of the sparkling wine and it was delicious.

2 cups of fresh raspberries
6 oz. Pineapple juice
750 ml bottle of Moscato wine
1 cup seltzer

Blend the raspberries and pineapple juice until smooth. Pour wine into a large measuring cup or pitcher. Pour in raspberry juice (you can strain if you don’t like the seeds). Stir in seltzer. Fill glasses with ice then pour in the wine mixture. Enjoy!

Mac & I enjoyed this sooooo much we wanted more after it was gone. So I took a bottle of White Zinfindel and a bag of frozen strawberries with the pineapple juice and seltzer and made the same as above. It tasted good but not as good as the original.


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