French Fry Day

I don’t know if you can tell or not but I have been sort of flying by the seat of my pants with recent posts. I can’t seem to get into prewriting subjects.  So what I’ve done is find what type of food day is happening and then proceed from there.  I’m sure you all have noticed that there is some special day – every day.


Even though we are still on a ketogencic diet, we do enjoy some potatoes every once in a while.  I shared a Confetti Roasted Potato Salad recipe earlier this week. We had 2 potatoes left so we decided to make some homemade chips which is really a thinly sliced french fry.  I was going to use the slicing blade on my food processor but Mac said he used to always use a box grater to cut thin potato slices.


So he cut these potato chips.

We fried them up and they were delicious.

I think homemade chips/fries are almost always better than store bought or fast food.


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