Friday the 13th Movies



Being Friday the 13th, I have decided to do a review on both movies, 1980 & 2009. It’s crazy that they keep remaking movies. I guess they can’t think of any new subjects. They also have another remake coming out this year, 2017. Can’t believe it 😦

In the 1980 movie they did a very good job. It’s starts out in 1958 with 2 counselors being killed. Then it jumps to the current day (which happens to be 1980) with one girl hitch hiking to Camp Crystal Lake to be the cook for the summer. She gets a ride from a truck driver and got 10 miles closer to the camp then starts walking again. The next ride she gets is not so nice. This movie has great gory details on the kills. This is a movie where Kevin Bacon is a cute hunk of a counselor.  At first I didn’t recognize him because he was so young. The counselors are working to get the camp ready for the kids who will be arriving in two weeks. All starts going down hill when they start wondering off either by themselves or in couples. You never see who the killer is until the last 10 minutes of the movies. WOW what a surprise. Not who I expected. As always with horrors there is one survivor – and she’s kinda lost her mind. Can’t blame her with everything she sees.

When starting the movie made in 2009, Jason’s mother gets her head chopped off. Then we travel to a more current time where 5 unsuspecting young people head into the woods near Camp Crystal Lake. It doesn’t take long before they get to meet Jason. Now jump ahead to present day, which happens to be 2009, and we get to meet another 6 young people and Clay who is played by Jared Padalecki (from Supernatural). Since Clay is not with these other people, you know he has to be the hero. The rest of the movie follows the same horror movie agenda. The young people start separating from the group. Then they meet Jason and live no more. I was surprised that the killings weren’t more graphic. The ending is also normal as there is only one survivor.

If you don’t get enough of Jason in these movie, they did make 3 sequels in the 80’s. If I remember them correctly they are pretty good. Have a great Friday the 13th!


Gunpowder Day





I need to watch V for Vendetta this weekend since today, Gunpowder Day, has to do with Guy Fawkes and the rebellion against persecution by King James I.





** Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot…

Known as Guy Fawkes Night or Fireworks Night, Gunpowder Day focuses on the plot by Guy Fawkes and other conspirators to blow up Britain’s parliament in 1605. Rebelling against the persecution of Catholics by King James I, they planned to kill the monarch during his visit to parliament. But the scheme was foiled and the traitors executed.

On Gunpowder Day, families construct an effigy of Guy Fawkes to be burned on a bonfire that evening. Fireworks are also set off to add to the celebrations. Public displays are also held and the biggest celebration of Gunpowder Day is in Lewes in East Sussex, England. Six bonfire societies host their own fireworks displays and gargantuan bonfires. After sunset, a large procession of all of the societies moves through Lewes. Many members carry flame torches and a river of fire can be seen flowing through the town during the evening.






Paperback Book Day

First Blood

I enjoy reading especially paperback books because they are lighter than the hard cover. I am currently reading “First Blood” by David Morrell.  This book was made into the first Rambo movie but the book is a bit different.  I am about a third through the book and will have to see if it ends the same as the movie.






I am also reading 11/23/63 by Stephen King which is a huge book even in paperback format.






Creed Movie Review

CreedLast night we watched the newest Rocky movie called Creed. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it when it started because of the rap music at the beginning. But as we continued to watch it we fell in love with the characters and remembered why we always loved Rocky. He is a goodhearted man that has lived and loved. Most of the movie is spent showing us the relationship that develops between Rocky and Adonis (son of Apollo Creed). There is always a girl involved and this time her name is Bianca who is very supportive of Adonis.

Although this movie is about Creed’s son, I thought Phylicia Rashad played the part of Apollo Creed’s widow very well. She appears at the beginning of the movie and then only has a couple of brief appearances later in the movie. But her character was well written and had a very important part in the movie.

The movie ends with a boxing match which is typical Rocky style. And as usual it always leaves the possibility of another sequel. So if you like a feel good movie this movie is for you.

Multiple Personality Day

sybilMultiple Personality Day is just a day to bring awareness to dissociative identity disorder. I’m sure many of your, just like me, feel like we have more than one personality. But the fact is with this disorder you literally do not know the actions of the other personalities. Sybil is probably one of the best known name/movie regarding this disorder. There was also a television show called the United States of Tara which addressed multiple personalities also.





* Multiple personality disorders have touched the lives of those dear to my heart and I simply want to bring more awareness to this illness. This is very misunderstood and most people think of Sally Fields in the movie Sybil. While the truth is, many of us have experienced some form of very mild Dissociative Identity Disorder (the newer and more politically correct name) when getting lost in the moment or even daydreaming.

Another huge misconception associated with dissociative identity disorder is calling it Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is NOT a multiple personality disorder.National-Multiple-Personality-Day-March-5-1024x512



Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King


Just finished reading Mr. Mercedes. This was a little different from Stephen King’s normal writing because this is more of a detective story without any supernatural characters or events. That being said – King was still able to provide some twists and turns to this story. The story starts off with an event that sets the stage for an interesting adventure. You are then introduced to the detective, Bill Hodges, who has just retired from the police force. Then there is a strange fellow that comes into the picture. This sets the theme for the rest of the book with a climatic ending and a surprise – of course.


You become connected to the 4 or 5 main characters and how they interact with each other. There was a couple of times that I didn’t appreciate the relationship between Hodges and the others but overall they worked well in the telling of the story.

If you like detective stories you should definitely give Mr. Mercedes a read. If you are a fan of the supernatural, thriller, horror, suspense stories of Stephen King, you should be ready for a different style when you pick up this book.

Read Across America Day

* NEA’s ( National Education Association) Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.

NEA’s Read Across America also provides NEA members, parents, caregivers, and children the resources and activities they need to keep reading on the calendar 365 days a year.

In cities and towns across the nation, teachers, teenagers, librarians, politicians, actors, athletes, parents, grandparents, and others develop NEA’s Read Across America activities to bring reading excitement to children of all ages. Governors, mayors, and other elected officials recognize the role reading plays in their communities with proclamations and floor statements. Athletes and actors issue reading challenges to young readers. And teachers and principals seem to be more than happy to dye their hair green or be duct-taped to a wall if it boosts their students’ reading.