Ditch New Years Resolution Day

I updated you on my resolutions on January 3rd. I thought I was headed in the right direction. But we are now 2 weeks into the new year and I have not done anything more than described on the third. I guess as long as I continue to practice crocheting & welding, I can say I am still sticking to my New Years Resolutions.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Found out that today is the day to ditch your resolutions. If you are not keeping your resolutions, I suppose today you can set them aside as described in the article below. This article made me chuckle. Hope it will at least make you smile


Ahhh New Year’s Resolutions. They’re a great opportunity to really set ourselves up for some magnificent failures and disappointments, amirite? Well, there comes a time when you just have to acknowledge that your New Year’s Resolutions were unreasonable and unrealistic, and that time is a fortnight into the New Year! Rejoice in your new found freedom from torturous diets and horrible exercise regimes, pick up that pack of smokes and down another glass of wine. Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day sets you free from your first mistakes of the New Year!

History of Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
The History of Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day is as old as New Year’s Resolutions. In the inebriated, hopeful light of the dawn of the New Year, we all believe that the next year is going to be different, that we won’t go back to our old habits, and we won’t let things continue as they are. What a terrible shame that, year after year, New Year’s Resolutions are shown to be about as effective as a hole-ridden umbrella is at keeping the rain out.

So don’t keep yourself tied to them any longer, realize that you’ve got to make real strides, all year long to make any kind of change happen, and start looking at real lifestyle changes. Little bits at a time you can make whole life resolutions, and leave the bitter disappointment of not going down a few sizes in the dirt of changing a lifetime of bad habits.

How to Celebrate Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
Well, this part is pretty obvious, don’t you think? Ditch those New Year’s Resolutions like a bad habit. They’re not really going to see you through the year anyway! Instead, as mentioned above, the best way to celebrate is by reevaluating your life as a whole, and start finding real and meaningful reasons to change, not just because it’s a New Year and that magically inspires you with Will and determination you didn’t have the year before.

It’s also important to realize that some of your New Year’s Resolutions are just silly, limiting, or depressing. Some people swear to things like never falling in love again, and who needs that in their life? Get out there and start living your life and being satisfied with who you are, and if you aren’t genuinely satisfied, change it for that reason, and not because a new calendar has flipped over!



New Year Resolution Status


I’m feeling really good about my resolution progress. My resolutions are: learn how to crochet, learn how to weld, set up a Twitter account, and refresh my HTML knowledge so I can improve my blog and possibly set up a webpage

I had some red & green yarn but no crochet needles. I got a 10 piece kit with 7 crochet needles, 2 large hole sewing needles in a case at WalMart. Next I found a video on YouTube for beginners and away I go. I can make a chain and make a couple of rows of single crochet. My tension is not very good yet but I will continue practicing.

We purchased a 90 amp welder at Harbor Freight tools. I got a new welding helmet, gloves and sleeves. Mac welded in the Army so he is helping me. I was able to weld 2 pieces of metal together but it wasn’t very pretty. More practice in my future for sure.

I did set up Twitter and Instagram accounts but haven’t made any tweets or messages yet. Not sure my life is interesting enough that anyone would want to follow me.

I took a college class on how to set up a webpage about 4 years ago. I can’t find the book and since I didn’t make a webpage I have forgotten what HTML codes to use. I also can’t find my HTML book so I searched online and found a sight that tells you what HTML codes to use to create banners, tables, marquees and more. So now I will be trying some different things on this blog and than move on to making a webpage.

How are your resolutions going on day three of 2017?