Need a change – – – –

June is almost here and it must be time for a change. We started our wood shop in February and have only sold one American Flag. Had a lot of nibbles in regards to our conversion picnic table but not an order yet. I think our biggest issue is marketing. We have tried a few things that obviously hasn’t been successful: flea market, etsy shop, Craigslist, Mothers Day Sale, new signs, business cards and fliers, even posting on Nextdoor to contact our neighbors. We have also done things like getting our resale permit and getting a Square card reader so we can take credit card payments.

I also was doing well as far as sewing for Christmas presents, birthdays and Mothers Day but can’t seem to get motivated to complete a flag for upcoming holidays. Should have made a flag for Memorial Day. Didn’t happen.

I started this blog in February 2012 and I currently only have 79 followers. Thanks to all that have joined my blog. I need to either change how I blog, try videos, or just change directions. The hardest part for me is sharing personal information. Not that I have an exciting life or anything but the more successful blogs I see seem to share parts of their lives.

I guess I haven’t found what I am passionate about. What’s the old saying? “Jack of all trades but master of none.” That’s how I feel.

Maybe I should set some goals either weekly or monthly. Like complete one quilting project or one wood project or one cross stitch project or one sewing project . . or . .or . . . . .

See the problem. Too many things I like to do. I’m pretty good at them. But get lost with lack of decisiveness. Maybe this is the type of blog I should be doing. Just talking.


Flea Market


We have been trying to find a way to market the items we are making in the wood shop. We have the conversion picnic tables, horseshoe door hinges, American and Mexican Flag, as well as “Beware of the . . .” sign. We decided to try a flea market at a Vintique store a couple of weeks ago. I also took some other smaller items such as: cross-stitched shirts and towels, Precious Moments pillows, collectible Elvis Presley and Marilyn plates and a classic car.


We printed flyers and business cards so customers would have our information if they decided to order something. We set up before 7 a.m. with the flea market running from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It was a beautiful day but started getting hot around noon. Although we made many contacts, we did not make a sale. Very disappointing ;-(

“Life’s A Beach” Cross Stitch Shirt

This is a * Golden Bee Stitchery pattern that I purchased on sale at WalMart. I decided to use this pattern on a child’s tank top for the summer. Just seemed like the best choice. When you purchase this type of pattern it comes with the waste canvas, embroidery thread, a needle, and instructions with the design.

Cross Stitch Shirts (3)

This was a pretty simple pattern and took about a week to complete while I was watching television at night. You could probably complete it in less than 4 hours if you wanted.

Cross Stitch Shirts (1)




* Golden Bee Stitchery is located in LaHabra CA. When I searched on line, I found quite a few cross stitch patterns on Amazon and at Etsy. I only found a Yellow Page entry for Golden Bee themselves so I don’t know if you can purchase these kits directly.

Cross Stitch Towels

I had these great cross stitch bunny rabbit patterns from  * “The Creative Circle”. My first decision was on what fabric or other item I would place them on. I decided to stitch them on these blue hand towels which would be perfect for a child’s bathroom.Cross Stitch towels (1)To cross stitch onto a fabric or towel you need to cut a piece of what’s called ** Waste Canvas. I generally use 14 count waste canvas on smaller items like these towels. You simply cut a piece of waste canvas a little larger than your design – then baste it into place. Make sure to mark the center so you know where to start your cross stitch design. After you complete the cross stitching, simply get the design wet so you can pull the strings of the waste canvas to remove them. Then you have a completed design.

It took me a while to do these because they are pretty detailed and I only worked on them in the evenings watching television. But they turned out really nice.

Cross Stitch towels (5)Cross Stitch towels (6)

* I don’t think “The Creative Circle” is still around anymore because when searching on-line nothing came up under the name and having anything to do with crafts. If anyone would like to try their hand at this cross stitch pattern, let me know. Since the company I purchased the kit from is no longer in business, I should be able to share the pattern.

** You can usually pick-up waste canvas at Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael’s or other craft/fabric stores. If you can not find it locally you can definitely purchase some on-line.

Finishing Projects

I find it difficult to decide how to best finish a cross stitch project. For example, I did a cross stitch sampler for my daughter. I could have stretched it and then be put into an 11 x 14-inch frame. I decided instead to take a piece of green material to match the colors of the sampler and sew it to the back. After sewing on the back and turning right side out, I placed a wood dowel at the top to give it a sort of scroll look. Then I finished it off with green ribbon at the top for hanging. This way I saved some money and made a unique gift for my daughter and son-in-law.



With cross stitch on a hard canvas, I have found that no matter how careful you try to be the back always looks a little messy. I would suggest getting some felt in whatever color matches the main color of your piece & hot glue it to the back of your piece. This gives is a finished look especially if it is a hanging piece where the back can be seen.

Lily Pillow


Lilly Pillow2



I completed a beautiful lily cross stitch and wanted to do something different to finish it. I had a foam pillow form so I decided to make a pillow.




I had a foam pillow form so I decided to make a pillow. In order to do this, I found a complementary material of pink and burgundy stripe to use as the back of the pillow. Lilly Pillow

With these two different styles, it can be used as a flower pillow or a stripe pillow.Lilly Pillow3