Easter Flag


I found this Easter Basket in a pack of appliques and thought it would make a great flag. I cut out all the pieces separately so I could embroider them. The plan is to stuff the basket handle and the rabbits separately then attach them to the base of the basket. The rabbit bows will be appliqued once the rabbits are attached. The bow will only be partially filled with batting so I can use that is the way to hang it.




The difficulties with this type of flag is using one color of thread instead of using the colors of the bows. If I make another one, I will make the rabbits a little longer so I can applique directly to them and not to the basket. I will also sew all the batting into place instead of stuffing some of the smaller items so they appear more even. I did have to tack the bunny ears to the yellow bow so they would stand up.



It turned out great and a little unique as it is not a typical flag shape.


Week Before Easter


Easter is next Sunday.  Growing up we always colored eggs and got an Easter Basket with candy. I continued these traditions with my kids.  Since we do not have any grandchildren, I guess the tradition stopped with my kids. This year we will not be doing anything special for Easter.  What are your plans?



Our usual Easter meal starts with a ham.  However, this year we will be doing a Cajun Spiced Turkey and Dirty Rice made with cauliflower. I’ll be sharing these recipes later this week.  What do you usually eat on Easter Sunday?



I will not be decorating the house for Easter this year except for hanging an Easter flag I am making.  I have started the flag and have finished the embroidery.  Now I need to quilt and applique it together.  Hope to finish the flag today. 


BBQ Accessories

When I worked for a home builder several years ago, they gave house warming gifts to the new homeowners. When a community was finished, there would always be some extra gifts. This time the gifts were BBQ accessories in a case. I was able to make a monogram to cover the name of the community that was on the case. At Christmas I gave one of these to my brother with a couple of hand towels. I think it turned out nicely. What do you think should be placed on the remaining cases? Maybe an embroidered picture or maybe just “BBQ” embroidered on some fabric.bbq-set-revamp-3

Applique Baby Quilt

This is another quilt that my grandmother used to do all the time. I cut out the animals several years ago and finally got the top of the quilt completed. It doesn’t take that long to hand applique and embroider them. I just had to take the time and do it. Applique Baby Quilt (3)Applique Baby Quilt (4)

Applique Baby Quilt (5)


Applique Baby Quilt (6)Applique Baby Quilt (7)

Applique Baby Quilt (8)








I had this great flannel fabric that goes perfectly on the back with a lining to make it a little heavier. I have started machine quilting it but have not quite finished. I have decided to quilt around the animal shapes and put some squares on the connecting pieces and border. Then I will finish by stitching the binding.

Applique Baby Quilt (9)

“Life’s A Beach” Cross Stitch Shirt

This is a * Golden Bee Stitchery pattern that I purchased on sale at WalMart. I decided to use this pattern on a child’s tank top for the summer. Just seemed like the best choice. When you purchase this type of pattern it comes with the waste canvas, embroidery thread, a needle, and instructions with the design.

Cross Stitch Shirts (3)

This was a pretty simple pattern and took about a week to complete while I was watching television at night. You could probably complete it in less than 4 hours if you wanted.

Cross Stitch Shirts (1)




* Golden Bee Stitchery is located in LaHabra CA. When I searched on line, I found quite a few cross stitch patterns on Amazon and at Etsy. I only found a Yellow Page entry for Golden Bee themselves so I don’t know if you can purchase these kits directly.

Embroidered Baby Quilt

Embroidered Baby Quilt (2)I pulled this quilt out the other day and thought I would share on this blog. This is an embroidered baby quilt that I completed when my grandmother was still alive. As you can see, it is 6 different animals embroidered.

Embroidered Baby Quilt (5)

Embroidered Baby Quilt (3)

Embroidered Baby Quilt (6)
Embroidered Baby Quilt (7)
Embroidered Baby Quilt (8)
Embroidered Baby Quilt (4)

She is the one that introduced me to quilting. My grandmother did everything by hand from stitching the pattern on the top – connecting the blocks – apply the binding – and finally the quilting. This quilt I completely did by hand and used a large wooden hoop to do the quilting. I don’t have any grandchildren but think I will hold on to it just to remember what a gift my grandmother gave to me when she taught me how to quilt.


I also am finishing an applique quilt that I started cutting out for my grandmother many years ago.  I finally have finished the top last year and I am quilting it by using the sewing machine.  I will share it when it is completed.