Has anyone moved recently? We have lived here in the same house since 1997. That’s 20 years in September. We are talking about leaving as we have equity and can move to Louisiana and live comfortably for at least a year on what we can sale the property. Now that being said, how do you decide what goes and what stays. We have 4 dogs and 5 cats that will be moving with us.

We decided last week on this move and have given my son first chance at purchasing this property. The next thing is getting a camper shell for the truck to convert to a place for the animals to travel. We will also need a trailer to pull behind the truck. This week we have went to see 2 camper shells. The first one is too big and the 2nd one has a leaky roof and damaged flooring. Neither one will work so we will keep looking. For the trailer, we do have a boat sitting on a nice trailer. To convert it, we would need to remove the boat – Ugh – and then put a floor and sides on the trailer frame.

The idea of moving is overwhelming. We have collected so much stuff. We will probably leave large appliances and furniture but take the generator, power washer and tools. We will most likely sell the motorcycles and car just so we don’t have to move them. We will put the golf cart up for sell next week and should be able to get a couple thousand dollars. How many small kitchen appliances, pans, dishes, glasses, etc. should we take? Then of course paperwork and pictures will be going. I have collected quite a bit of holiday decorations. Do we take them or leave them? We have wood and projects in the shop. Should we take any of that stuff?

The one good thing right now is that we only work on Saturday and Sunday so we have 5 days a week to plan this move.


New Car For Me

So we purchased a pre-owned Toyota Camry because I didn’t want to ride my motorcycle in the rain this winter.  I know – it’s not bad riding weather it’s bad riding gear. But I am older and have chosen not to ride in bad weather. That means cold  or wet. That being said the Camry we purchased is in really good shape and gets good gas mileage as I am traveling about 35 miles to and from my driving job.20151231_150423


By the way the rain has made it to southern California today. It is windy and raining steady. We’ll be staying home tonight through tomorrow and even Thursday until I have to go to work in the evening.  This weather makes you want to stay home, watch movies and maybe have a hot toddie or some other tasty beverage.


As I have mentioned, I love riding my sports bike. It’s amazing how much gear is available at stores and online. However, I have had a difficult time finding balaclavas (which are head coverings) in different colors. They do have some with designs, some to cover only have the face and almost all of them are black. So Mac & I thought it would be cool to have balaclavas that matched our motorcycles. Mac’s Ninja is the Monster drink theme with the bright green and mine has red tire rims. So off we went to JoAnn’s Fabrics to see what material we could find.

Voila!! Balaclavas in bright colors. The great part is that I made a pattern from store bought ones and was able to adjust them so they fit appropriately. We thought that if we were seen wearing them others might ask about buying them but we only had one person want one so far. Balaclavas can help keep your helmet pads clean. Instead of removing and washing your helmet pads you can just throw the balaclava in the washer and be ready to go again.

That being said, my son works in a warehouse in the freezer section and was looking for something to keep his face and head warm. I had made a nice gray balaclava which fit him so he is using it at work.

So whether you ride a motorcycle or work in a freezer, maybe you would like one. Leave me a comment with your request.