Bathroom Redecoration

In January, I shared the redecorating of my bedroom. Once the bedroom was done we started work on the bathroom. I had this maroon paint which I painted the walls. Then I took a pale yellow for the ceiling. For extra color, I used bright yellow for the accent color: vanity door, trim, towels and rugs.


When looking for a shower curtain, Mac picked this white with yellow and grays. Not something I would have picked but it really fit into the color scheme. The shower curtain also made it possible to add a gray color into the bathroom look.



As we are aware, most shower curtains don’t go all the way to the ceiling. To solve this (to keep the heat in the shower), I had this great white and yellow fabric and made a valance, I guess is what you would call it.



There are still a few little things to complete like framing the mirror we installed and finish the caulking in the shower. We sort of stopped redecorating for a while but I have really got to finish these couple of little things.. I do have plans the living/dining area but haven’t got motivated to start it yet.

Work Space 2017

In March 2016, my work space was in dire need of organization.  I took care of that but lots has changed since then.  Since Mac & I have been home we have moved into the master bedroom & bath again.  We decided to put the treadmill & elliptical along with my quilting, sewing & craft stuff in the empty bedroom.  In December, I moved my fabric bins into the room & have reorganized a bit.workspace-12-28-16-1



 I have quite a bit of room but it never seems like enough.




In the small plastic bin, I have my started projects which includes St. Patrick’s Day flag, 3 blouses, applique baby quilt, 2 quilt tops, 2 aprons, and curtain material for the living room.  I have also placed quilt & clothing patterns.





Now I must get busy completing projects.  I am planning birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents. I’ll let you know how it goes.




This week I am trying to organize a couple of things. First I cleaned out my Christmas wrapping paper bin so it was ready to be stored until next year. Yesterday I went through my movies/DVD’s to make sure my list was accurate. Today I plan on reorganizing my fabric and craft/work area. That leaves preparing files for next years bills & receipts as well as boxing up 2014 files and destroying 2009 files. That should take care of this week before the new year.

One of the projects I would like to accomplish in 2017 is going through a two drawer safe that has pictures and papers. This is where I have been throwing stuff for years with no organization just somewhere to put them. This will probably be very time consuming. But as you know starting a project can sometimes be the real challenge.

On The Road Again

Mac & I have decided to go back on the road.  We are heading to Little Rock, Arkansas, this weekend to start orientation on Monday. We’ll have to find somewhere to have Easter dinner but we are hoping this company is the right fit.

Before leaving I have been trying to finish up some projects and get things organized.  Yesterday I cleared quite a bit from my work space. work space 3-24-16

Today I am going to get zippers to fix 3  jackets. jackets (2)

I would also like to finish quilting and binding my appliqued baby quilt but don’t know if I’ll have time before we leave .  We will be back home in a week or so with our tractor (we get to bring it home – Yeah!).  I am planning on taking  Grandma’s Favorite Block quilt stretched on my oval quilting hoop to work on when I have some time on the road.

My plan is to work on projects the couple of days I am home and start some Christmas presents so they are ready.  You know planning ahead.

Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day


I got out my St. Patrick’s Day storage tote and this is what I found:



a couple of hats, bead necklace, 2 pins,  a candle, a metal plaque,

a cookie cutter (which I will not be using for cookies but for a flag),

a pair of socks and lots of shirts.

St. Paddy Stuff (4)

I haven’t bought anything new this year but maybe I’ll check out some after holiday sales.

Work Space

Workspace (4)


I’m usually very organized but I have let my work space get out of control. I have a pretty nice space set aside.



One table has my sewing machine while the other 2 are a mess with sewing, quilting and craft stuff. Of course there has to be cat toys around

Workspace (2)

This got out of hand when I started working 5 nights a week from 6 to 12 hours with a 45 minutes drive each way. So now I just need to decide where to start and get some of these projects completed or at least some stuff to a point where they are not just sitting on my work space.Workspace (1)

May decide to bring in another table specifically for cutting and piecing quilts. Not sure if that is a good idea or not. Giving myself more surface to lay stuff. Only time will tell.

Halloween Pizza

As I have told you before, I have quite a bit of Halloween decorations that I keep in color coordinated plastic bins. This year I will just do a little decorating inside the house so I only pulled 3 bins out.

I have made a pizza for Halloween with a rather friendly face or maybe it is Frankenstein 🙂 Here is how you can make this easy pizza.

1 lb. Frozen bread dough – thawed
2 tsp. Vegetable oil
1 c. mozzarella cheese, shredded
15 oz can tomato sauce
1 Tbsp. Onion, chopped
tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Oregano
½ tsp. Garlic powder
2 c. cheddar cheese, shredded
4 oz pepperoni, sliced
Green pepper strips
Black olives, sliced

Heat oven to 325 degrees F. Divide thawed dough in half. Roll and stretch each half into 10-12” circle or into a rectangle to fit a small cookie sheet on a lightly floured surface. Turn up edges 1/2” and pinch or pleat. Brush dough with oil; sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Mix tomato sauce, onion, salt, oregano and garlic powder; pour on dough. Top with cheddar cheese. Decorate with pepperoni slices around the edges, olive slices for eyes and green pepper trips for nose and mouth. Bake until crust is brown, 20-25 minutes