Need a change – – – –

June is almost here and it must be time for a change. We started our wood shop in February and have only sold one American Flag. Had a lot of nibbles in regards to our conversion picnic table but not an order yet. I think our biggest issue is marketing. We have tried a few things that obviously hasn’t been successful: flea market, etsy shop, Craigslist, Mothers Day Sale, new signs, business cards and fliers, even posting on Nextdoor to contact our neighbors. We have also done things like getting our resale permit and getting a Square card reader so we can take credit card payments.

I also was doing well as far as sewing for Christmas presents, birthdays and Mothers Day but can’t seem to get motivated to complete a flag for upcoming holidays. Should have made a flag for Memorial Day. Didn’t happen.

I started this blog in February 2012 and I currently only have 79 followers. Thanks to all that have joined my blog. I need to either change how I blog, try videos, or just change directions. The hardest part for me is sharing personal information. Not that I have an exciting life or anything but the more successful blogs I see seem to share parts of their lives.

I guess I haven’t found what I am passionate about. What’s the old saying? “Jack of all trades but master of none.” That’s how I feel.

Maybe I should set some goals either weekly or monthly. Like complete one quilting project or one wood project or one cross stitch project or one sewing project . . or . .or . . . . .

See the problem. Too many things I like to do. I’m pretty good at them. But get lost with lack of decisiveness. Maybe this is the type of blog I should be doing. Just talking.


Star Wars Day

I did not understand why May 4 was Star Wars Day until Mac explained to me. Star Wars Day is celebrated because “may the force be with you”. 😉 Get it? It takes me a minute sometimes.

I thought I would give you an update on the Star Wars Quilt I started on National Quilting Day. My biggest decision was how to quilt it. I really have not gotten use to free quilting so I thought I would draw straight lines on the edges and then quilt around the images in the center of the quilt.

I should be ashamed as I have not finished this small quilt yet. I must get motivated. I did add a blue binding instead of just using the gray backing. I think it will look and quilt better. I started drawing the lines for the quilting 2 days ago. My goal is to have this completed in time for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. Send me your encouraging thoughts.

Easter Flag


I found this Easter Basket in a pack of appliques and thought it would make a great flag. I cut out all the pieces separately so I could embroider them. The plan is to stuff the basket handle and the rabbits separately then attach them to the base of the basket. The rabbit bows will be appliqued once the rabbits are attached. The bow will only be partially filled with batting so I can use that is the way to hang it.




The difficulties with this type of flag is using one color of thread instead of using the colors of the bows. If I make another one, I will make the rabbits a little longer so I can applique directly to them and not to the basket. I will also sew all the batting into place instead of stuffing some of the smaller items so they appear more even. I did have to tack the bunny ears to the yellow bow so they would stand up.



It turned out great and a little unique as it is not a typical flag shape.

Week Before Easter


Easter is next Sunday.  Growing up we always colored eggs and got an Easter Basket with candy. I continued these traditions with my kids.  Since we do not have any grandchildren, I guess the tradition stopped with my kids. This year we will not be doing anything special for Easter.  What are your plans?



Our usual Easter meal starts with a ham.  However, this year we will be doing a Cajun Spiced Turkey and Dirty Rice made with cauliflower. I’ll be sharing these recipes later this week.  What do you usually eat on Easter Sunday?



I will not be decorating the house for Easter this year except for hanging an Easter flag I am making.  I have started the flag and have finished the embroidery.  Now I need to quilt and applique it together.  Hope to finish the flag today. 


Star Wars Quilt

On National Quilting Day, I said I would try to work on this Star Wars Quilt Kit.  I did get it started and have completed the top.







I finished Grandma’s Favorite Block made of green fabric as the common color and different flower fabrics which I posted in January 2016. Since I plan on giving this to my son & daughter-in-law, I decided to put the Star Wars Quilt on the opposite side. I know normally people only have one side of a quilt as the decorative part and the other side just a backing. I thought this quilt with two decorative sides could be used as a wall hanging or a blanket. You know give them the choice of want they want to see.

Once the Star Wars kit was completed, I realized that it would not work on the back of Grandma’s Favorite Block because of the size difference. The Star Wars quilt is 37” X 54” and Grandma’s is 60” X 90”. I’ve decided to use a gray fleece back and binding on the Star Wars quilt.

For Grandma’s Favorite Block quilt I will probably be doing some solid pieces of fabric with a flower binding instead of using a sheet with a green binding as I originally planned. That should work out really well. I’ll let you know when it is completed.

Here is how the Star Wars quilt looks before I put the back/binding and the batting. I will show you the finished quilt in a couple of weeks.

National Quilting Day

Today I had planned on spending in my work space doing some quilting but just now heading that way. There surely can’t be another way to spend National Quilting Day after all. We did have a productive morning however. We went to a couple of yard sales and picked up 3 wonderful large wood pieces and 2 small wood items. I will share these projects when they get revamped.

I will be working on at least one of these 3 quilting projects today. Maybe 2 or even all three. I have planned to make a flag for Easter that will be in the shape of a basket with a couple of rabbits. I have a Star Wars quilt kit that I will be using as the back of the Grandma’s Favorite Block Quilt which I plan on giving to my son and his wife (hopefully for Christmas). The third project is a table runner kit that may also be part of a Christmas gift. And off I go. Can’t wait to see how the afternoon goes.

*National Quilting Day is observed annually on the third Saturday in March. It is a day that is celebrated around the country with special quilting shows, classes, open museums and much more. This is a day to appreciate and to recognize quilt makers, along with all of their long labor, love and skill that goes into the making of each quilt.

A quilt is a layer of batting or stuffing between two layers of pieced together fabric. Early American quilts were the result of patched together pieces of worn out blankets and clothing. Since they had to weave their own fabrics, there was little time for creative piecing together of colorful, artful patterns. These items were purely functional.

By the mid 18th century Americans were making elaborate quilts designed to be handed down from mother to daughter, often pieced together from salvaged pieces of clothing and other bedding.


Buy a homemade quilt or make one yourself. Use #NationalQuiltingDay to post on social media.


At the 22nd annual show of the National Quilting Association in Lincoln, Nebraska in June of 1991, a resolution was passed and National Quilting Day was started.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


This year for St. Patrick’s Day we will be having the classic Corned Beef & Cabbage. I was able to complete my St. Patty’s Flag and have it hanging outside our front door. I purchased these 3 shamrock fabrics for this flag.




I made the 2 sides different. First I used a shamrock cookie cutter as the pattern for a single shamrock cut out of the printed fabric.




These were then placed on plain fabric by appliqueing.





The other side used triangles out of the printed fabric and plain fabric to form squares. These were then sewn together in rows.




I placed batting between these 2 sides, put a green binding around the edges with strips to hang the flag. To finish the flag I machine quilted around each of the full size shamrocks.



Ta-Da! Flag is complete.

Applique Baby Quilt- Finished

I posted last year about how long I have been working on this baby quilt. It is finally finished and turned out nicely. I will be putting it in an air-tight bag and storing until I have a grand-daughter or decide if I want to sell this finished quilt. It feels great finishing up projects that have been sitting around for years.

Work Space 2017

In March 2016, my work space was in dire need of organization.  I took care of that but lots has changed since then.  Since Mac & I have been home we have moved into the master bedroom & bath again.  We decided to put the treadmill & elliptical along with my quilting, sewing & craft stuff in the empty bedroom.  In December, I moved my fabric bins into the room & have reorganized a bit.workspace-12-28-16-1



 I have quite a bit of room but it never seems like enough.




In the small plastic bin, I have my started projects which includes St. Patrick’s Day flag, 3 blouses, applique baby quilt, 2 quilt tops, 2 aprons, and curtain material for the living room.  I have also placed quilt & clothing patterns.





Now I must get busy completing projects.  I am planning birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents. I’ll let you know how it goes.