Camper Shell

Last week Mac & I found a camper shell for our truck. We spent 2 days in San Onofre trying to get it on the truck. The biggest issue was the hydraulic jacks were not working properly. What a pain. Finally on the truck and now sitting in the parking structure. Mac is trying to repair the jacks so we can get it off the truck and start making it ready for the animals. This is the first step in getting ready to move to Louisiana.

The next thing is deciding on what type of trailer or storage container to use for  moving. We haven’t decided whether to take the boat off the trailer and putting floor and sides on it or renting a POD or a UHaul truck. Still some time since we won’t be moving for at least 6 months or maybe a year. My son would like to purchase the place but can’t for at least 6 months so he is showing a good credit score. That works out fine.

The other thing we need to do is start going through all the stuff we have collected for 20 years living here. You know stuff in the garage, stuff in the shop and even stuff in the parking structure. Not to mention everything in the house.


Armoire to Bar

I was not successful yesterday.  In the morning we went to look at a camper shell for our truck.  We were not able to bring it home because the jacks did not work, it was on a frame and the gentleman was not there to show us his plan to get it on the truck. That killed the morning.  I wanted to do some mending  but that did not happen because my son and daughter-in-law came over to talk about buying the place when we got back home. We had a nice afternoon and they stayed for fried chicken & cauliflower for dinner. By the time they left it was 6 pm and I had no desire to do anything constructive.

This afternoon we are supposed to go back to pick up the camper shell if the repairs have been completed. In a way I hope it’s not done. But I know we need to get it to the house so Mac can start working on it for the animals to travel.



Since I found a picture of the armoire that Mac built back in 1997 or 1998, I thought I would show you how I converted it into a bar. The armoire was originally stained golden oak and used as a coat closet.




First I painted the exterior gray and used a sponge and hunter green paint to finish the outside.  

Inside I painted the walls a light green with black shelves and trim.  

We had a bar sign which we installed as well as 2 wine glass hangers.

We decided that mirrors would add extra brightness.

Mac found an old mirror and used it to cover the opening that used to be a drawer.

This is where we keep extra alcohol.

Finally Mac installed a rope light so the lower shelves weren’t so dark.  This turned out great and we can display our many glasses and alcohols.

Embroidered Baby Quilt

Embroidered Baby Quilt (2)I pulled this quilt out the other day and thought I would share on this blog. This is an embroidered baby quilt that I completed when my grandmother was still alive. As you can see, it is 6 different animals embroidered.

Embroidered Baby Quilt (5)

Embroidered Baby Quilt (3)

Embroidered Baby Quilt (6)
Embroidered Baby Quilt (7)
Embroidered Baby Quilt (8)
Embroidered Baby Quilt (4)

She is the one that introduced me to quilting. My grandmother did everything by hand from stitching the pattern on the top – connecting the blocks – apply the binding – and finally the quilting. This quilt I completely did by hand and used a large wooden hoop to do the quilting. I don’t have any grandchildren but think I will hold on to it just to remember what a gift my grandmother gave to me when she taught me how to quilt.


I also am finishing an applique quilt that I started cutting out for my grandmother many years ago.  I finally have finished the top last year and I am quilting it by using the sewing machine.  I will share it when it is completed.