Sewing & Repairing

On National Sewing Machine Day, I took some time to do some repairs and other sewing projects.  They included restitching the sleeve on a tee shirt.

I had patched these jeans- very comfy – with iron on patches.  However, after being washed many times the patches starting coming off.  I stitched all the edges of the patches so they would stay on and I would still have this one leg of cool looking patched blue jeans.




Next, I worked on replacing the bottom of one of the cat beds with denim.






It was a little tricky but turned out great and Dude got his bed back.



The last thing I was able to complete was adding more cushion with a flat pool noodle to Mac’s seat cushion.  This only involved cutting it to size and inserting in the pillow.  Unfortunately the zipper broke yesterday and I will need to replace it.

It was great to get some small projects completed.  Still have to make a new canvas seat for a wicker chair.  I’ll share when I get some more projects complete.  Have a great Monday!



Star Wars Day

I did not understand why May 4 was Star Wars Day until Mac explained to me. Star Wars Day is celebrated because “may the force be with you”. 😉 Get it? It takes me a minute sometimes.

I thought I would give you an update on the Star Wars Quilt I started on National Quilting Day. My biggest decision was how to quilt it. I really have not gotten use to free quilting so I thought I would draw straight lines on the edges and then quilt around the images in the center of the quilt.

I should be ashamed as I have not finished this small quilt yet. I must get motivated. I did add a blue binding instead of just using the gray backing. I think it will look and quilt better. I started drawing the lines for the quilting 2 days ago. My goal is to have this completed in time for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. Send me your encouraging thoughts.

Easter Flag


I found this Easter Basket in a pack of appliques and thought it would make a great flag. I cut out all the pieces separately so I could embroider them. The plan is to stuff the basket handle and the rabbits separately then attach them to the base of the basket. The rabbit bows will be appliqued once the rabbits are attached. The bow will only be partially filled with batting so I can use that is the way to hang it.




The difficulties with this type of flag is using one color of thread instead of using the colors of the bows. If I make another one, I will make the rabbits a little longer so I can applique directly to them and not to the basket. I will also sew all the batting into place instead of stuffing some of the smaller items so they appear more even. I did have to tack the bunny ears to the yellow bow so they would stand up.



It turned out great and a little unique as it is not a typical flag shape.

Wine Displays

In our wood shop we started making these wine displays which can be purchased on our etsy shop. Each one is a little unique whether it is the design or the color. A couple designs remind us of transformers so we did one in gold with sponged blue and then one is stained with Colonial Maple. The one I wanted to look like Bumble Bee has not turned out the way I wanted so I am still working on it.








This one is sort of patriotic with the stars.

Then we have this red mahogany stain.

We have a white base with blue edges.

A cutting board shape with peach and turquoise for something standard but in a unique color palette.

Last but  not least is a gray base with red sponge color.  I read some where that faux sponging is not in style anymore.  I liked the way this turned out anyway.

American Flag – Wood

In our wood shop we are making flags. The first one we have made is the American Flag seen here. We made the flag 20” tall and 34” wide out of 1 by 1 1/2” wood strips. We then connected them with biscuits and glue. The red strip is done with redwood stain. The trickiest part was painting the white stars onto the blue section in the right pattern and size so it looks like the actual flag. Finally, we sealed it with Polyurethane so you can hang it outside as well as inside. It turned out well and we have sold our first flag (also our first item) made in our shop. Yay!!!

Sleep Mask



This year I will be making sleep mask for gifts. They are relatively easy to make and turn out nicely. You will  need fabric, fleece, batting, elastic and bias tape. This one I made had a soft blue fleece and a white fabric with blue flowers. I didn’t have any blue elastic so I used a silver/gray elastic.




You can see that there are 3 layers to making this mask. You take a template (which you can find on line) and cut a pattern for all three: a front fabric, a lining and a back fabric.  



It is a combination of machine and hand sewing. sleep-mask-3






Conversion Picnic Table

Mac & I have started a woodworking and welding shop on our property.  We had tried the woodworking when we moved here in 1997.  Mac made our bedroom set with headboard and 2 night stands.  He also made a drafting table and armoire.  Did not make any sells so the shop really never became a business.



But this time, we are starting with a conversion picnic table and expanding to other items for which we have plans.  This first picnic table is 5 feet and made of pine.  I will be painting it a beautiful blue color this week.  The second one is a four foot table out of redwood. If you would like to see more pictures, click here to  see the posting on Facebook.

Hat Day

Today is Hat Day so I am sharing what I have done to revamp a hat I was given.




Last year I started buying hats. I currently have 6 hats of different colors.





A friend gave me this white hat that she had removed the decorative band.




It was a little big and had no interior trim so I sewed a piece of foam for a better fit.


I had purchased these 3 scarves last year. I have decided to use the star multi-color scarf as I have a blue hat & a black hat.hats-6



As you can see I folded the scarf several times to give it the right width for a hat band.



Once in place, I stitched the scarf into place on the white areas of the scarf so it wasn’t obvious as to how it was attached. I also stitched under the top end of the knot which was tied in the back.


With this white hat and multi-color scarf, I will have a hat for any color combination I wear this summer.hats-15