Candle Holders

When I was looking for stuff to sale at the Vintique Flea Market and my Furniture & Home Decor Sale, I came across these 2 metal candle holders. I thought they were appropriate because they are made of metal. I could not decide if I should paint them different colors. So they stayed their original color. What color would you paint them?


Horseshoe Hinges


I told you we started a woodworking shop.  We also are doing some welding.  Our first project is a horseshoe door hinge.  They are gray with an accent color.  Currently we are doing a red accent but can change it to just about any color if requested. We are advertising them on etsy.  I think they are really cute especially for horse lovers out there.

Bedroom Redecoration

Last year, we redecorated the master bedroom as we were going to be home more.  Once again we went with red as the base color and brown as a secondary color.




I painted the walls and ceiling an off white with a border to separate the ceiling from the wall.





We purchased curtains and doubled them to provide a darkened room when desired.






We also purchased a bedspread with a pattern to add to the overall aesthetics of the room.






You will notice a small round table in the corner where I have a computer and printer.








We took a shelving unit and mounted it on the wall instead of leaving it on the floor.







Since there was a gap in the ceiling, we used the red printed fabric to cover it for a more finished look.





I am really pleased with the way the room came out.



We even did all the finish trim and everything. HaHa!bedroom-redecorate-2016-9

Back Door Curtain

curtains-3Last year I made curtains for many windows and doors at the house.  This curtain was made for the door to the back patio.  As you can see it is a red fabric with white stripes facing into the house.  Since this fabric was not quite wide enough, I added the plain red fabric which I used for the dining room window (which is next to this door). I purchased dark blue denim as a backing because it is heavy and would help keep any wind or air out. I was definitely on a red curtain kick but it sure adds color in these rooms.  I will share some more later.

Learn About Butterflies Day

Since today we are supposed to learn about butterflies, I found this article and thought it gave me some information I did not know. Have a wonderful & beautiful day!


** As spring approaches, people in the Vancouver area and all over the country celebrate “Learn About Butterflies Day” on March 14. Butterflies are a bug even pest control in Vancouver, WA can love, and Alpha Ecological sees this as an excellent time to discover the facts on these remarkable insects and their vital role in Washington’s ecosystem. First, let’s take a look at the features common to all butterflies.


Attributes and Behavior
Every butterfly has two antennas, four large wings and a narrow body. These insects gain sustenance by drinking nectar through a long tube that resembles a straw. Unlike moths, they have a club at the end of each antenna. Many species also feature brightly colored wings.

Butterflies usually feed on flowers and travel during the day. This activity benefits humans by pollinating a wide range of plants. These insects rarely create a need for exterminators in Vancouver, WA. However, a few species produce larvae that can damage crops.


Washington’s Butterflies
Various butterfly species inhabit forests, prairies and mountainous areas, so it’s no surprise that many of these beautiful insects reside in Washington. Among others, they include the Pine White, Orange Sulphur, Brown Elfin, Silvery Blue and Spring Azure. Several types of Swallowtails also live in this state.

One particularly destructive butterfly attacks crops in Washington. The Cabbage White eats nasturtiums, broccoli, radishes, cabbages and turnips. Professional exterminators in Vancouver, WA have the expertise to help farmers and gardeners combat this pest and its voracious caterpillars.

Nonetheless, most of the state’s butterflies are quite beneficial. One attractive species is known as the Red Admiral. It harvests nectar from dandelions, daisies, milkweed and numerous other plants. This sizable insect normally lives in gardens or forests. Its black wings feature brown, red, white and blue markings.


Butterfly Gardens
Some locals create special gardens with plants that attract pollinators. They often draw small birds, moths and butterflies to the area. In Washington, it’s best to plant colorful native flowers. A few of the most desirable options include marigolds, sunflowers and zinnias.



Salt & Pepper Shakers

I’m sure everyone has a wood salt shaker & pepper grinder set somewhere in their house. Or at least did at one time. I decided to brighten up several old items around the house & one of them was my wood salt & pepper set.

To do this was pretty simple. First put painters tape (you know that blue masking tape) on the metal holes on top of the salt shaker and the bottom where you fill it. Then remove the top of the pepper grinder and cover the top & bottom so you won’t get any paint onto where the pepper will pass through. With this done simply use a spray paint color of your choice, I chose red because I was in the mood for a bright color. If you are actually use them, you will want to do 2 coats so they are covered evenly and extra well. If you’re just using them as a decoration, then 1 coat would be sufficient.

Salt_Pepper (1)




Here is what my bright revamped salt & pepper set looks like now.