Wood Shop Signs

Since opening the wood shop I have been making several signs. I’ve gotten pretty good at making them. I find a piece of flat wood, paint it, stencil the letters and paint with a contrasting color. This is our “OPEN” sign that hangs on the wood shop door which can be seen on the road when the shop door is open. You’ll notice I have placed a credit card logo sticker that came with the Square (which is a phone attachment to take credit payments).

Our “ORDER NOW” sign hangs on the gate. As you can see it list the tables at the top and my phone number on the bottom.



Here is the sign I made to use when I have my furniture and home décor sales.

The only other signs I will need to make are for the different holidays.


Horseshoe Hinges


I told you we started a woodworking shop.  We also are doing some welding.  Our first project is a horseshoe door hinge.  They are gray with an accent color.  Currently we are doing a red accent but can change it to just about any color if requested. We are advertising them on etsy.  I think they are really cute especially for horse lovers out there.

Front Porch Door & Window Curtain



I did all kinds of curtains for the house in the last year to help keep the cold or hot air out.  Before we moved to the master bedroom, we were in the back bedroom where Mac had made a door to the front porch.  Sort of like a separate entrance from the rest of the house.  Because there was a window and a dresser drawer in front of it, I made the door part from denim scraps to the floor and the window part from an eagle fabric panel.


This room is currently my work space so I will be removing the eagle fabric and enlarge the rest of the curtain with more denim fabric.  I’ll post a picture of how it turns out.

Back Door Curtain

curtains-3Last year I made curtains for many windows and doors at the house.  This curtain was made for the door to the back patio.  As you can see it is a red fabric with white stripes facing into the house.  Since this fabric was not quite wide enough, I added the plain red fabric which I used for the dining room window (which is next to this door). I purchased dark blue denim as a backing because it is heavy and would help keep any wind or air out. I was definitely on a red curtain kick but it sure adds color in these rooms.  I will share some more later.