Sausage with Hot Coleslaw

I was able to use the cabbage out of our aquaponics garden for this great recipe. I really enjoy cabbage whether it is cooked or raw. Give this recipe a try for a nice warm family dinner.

1 lb. Sausage (Polish or smoked)
2 Tbsp. Olive oil
3 green onions, sliced
4 c. cabbage, thinly sliced
2 carrots, thinly sliced
½ tsp. Salt
1 Tbsp. Sugar
3 Tbsp. Vinegar
Chopped parsley for garnish


Heat vegetable oil in a heavy skillet. Add green onion, cabbage and carrot. Cook and stir until cabbage is crisp-tender.

Add salt, sugar and vinegar. Cover. Simmer for 5 minutes. Arrange sliced sausage on slaw. Cover. Simmer 10 minutes.

Arrange hot slaw and sausages on platter. Sprinkle with parsley. Serve with mustard if desired.


Summer Squash

2 med. Zucchini squash
2 med. Pattypan squash
2 med. Yellow crookneck squash
¼ c. olive oil
4 green onions, white part, sliced
¼ tsp. dried basil
¼ tsp. oregano
¼ tsp. thyme leaves
¼ tsp. Rosemary
2 Tbsp. Red wine vinegar
Salt & pepper to taste

Rinse and scrub squash. Slice evenly.

On a cookie sheet place squashes, onions and seasonings. Toss with oil and place in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Before serving toss with vinegar. Salt and pepper as needed.

You can also do this on the stove top if desired.

Paprika Pork

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.  Yesterday I shared a recipe for Spinach & Ham Frittata Muffins for Mothers Day that is easy and delicious.  Here is another easy recipe that can be started in the morning and ready  when you are later in the day.  These 2 recipes will give you time to spend with your mother instead of spending the whole day cooking.

2 to 2 ½ lb. Country-style pork spareribs
3 Tbsp. Red wine vinegar
3 large green onions, chopped
4 cups water
2 Tbsp. Paprika
1 tsp. Liquid hot pepper sauce
2 bay leaves
1 rutabaga, cut into cubes
2 carrots, cut into 1” slices

Place all ingredients in a slow cooker/crock pot. Let cook on low for 6 to 8 hours until pork is fork tender. Serve.

Wedge Salad

I know this type of salad has been out for several years.  With summer here, it is always good to have a hearty and refreshing salad. Make sure to use the dressing recipe as it definitely enhances the whole flavor of the salad.

Wedge Salad

Salad Ingredients:
1 head iceberg lettuce, cut into quarters
3 Roma tomatoes, diced
2/3 c. blue cheese, crumbled
1 ½ c. crumbled bacon
2 sliced green onions
Sea salt & ground black pepper, to taste

Dressing Ingredients:
½ c. mayonnaise
1 ½ tbsp. Minced onion
1 tsp. Minced garlic
½ c. sour cream
½ c. Greek yogurt
2 tsp. Lemon juice
1 tsp. Red wine vinegar
¼ c. blue cheese, crumbled
¼ c. chopped fresh dill or 2 tsp. Dry

Mix dressing ingredients together and refrigerate for at least an hour prior to serving.

Place each lettuce quarter on a plate. Pour dressing over the top of each wedge. Top with tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon and green onions. Add salt & pepper to taste.