Photo Albums

Yesterday was crazy here in southern California.  We had a thunderstorm with an inch of rain. That’s really unusual for California but can be expected in Louisiana. I guess the weather is just acclimating us. Even with the heat, 110 degrees, and humidity, I was able to complete 3 photo albums: 1 from Mac’s childhood, 1 from Louisiana and 1 with my son’s school stuff. Today I will try to get my daughter’s album done and maybe the one from when we lived in Germany.

It is sort of cool to see all the pictures from years ago. So much you forget. Anyway – I continue on this quest. Have a great Wednesday!!


Redwood Picnic Table

I’ve shown you pictures of the conversion picnic table that we made out of pine and painted blue.  Here are some pictures of Mac finishing a redwood table.  We also have a pine table stained walnut that just needs to be assembled.  I’ll provide pictures as they get finished.