Candle Holders

When I was looking for stuff to sale at the Vintique Flea Market and my Furniture & Home Decor Sale, I came across these 2 metal candle holders. I thought they were appropriate because they are made of metal. I could not decide if I should paint them different colors. So they stayed their original color. What color would you paint them?


Watermelon & Cheese Snacks

Here is an easy appetizer or mid-day snack for Watermelon Day. Cut  some watermelon into cubes. Then take whatever mild cheese you have and cut into cubes also. I used Swiss cheese but Baby Bel or Monterey Jack would also work. The next choice is what type of skewers to use. You can use the long bamboo or metal skewers. I used some small cocktail sword skewers for small bite size snacks.You will notice that I placed some extra watermelon cubes in the center of my plate since I had some extra watermelon cut.

New Year Resolution Status


I’m feeling really good about my resolution progress. My resolutions are: learn how to crochet, learn how to weld, set up a Twitter account, and refresh my HTML knowledge so I can improve my blog and possibly set up a webpage

I had some red & green yarn but no crochet needles. I got a 10 piece kit with 7 crochet needles, 2 large hole sewing needles in a case at WalMart. Next I found a video on YouTube for beginners and away I go. I can make a chain and make a couple of rows of single crochet. My tension is not very good yet but I will continue practicing.

We purchased a 90 amp welder at Harbor Freight tools. I got a new welding helmet, gloves and sleeves. Mac welded in the Army so he is helping me. I was able to weld 2 pieces of metal together but it wasn’t very pretty. More practice in my future for sure.

I did set up Twitter and Instagram accounts but haven’t made any tweets or messages yet. Not sure my life is interesting enough that anyone would want to follow me.

I took a college class on how to set up a webpage about 4 years ago. I can’t find the book and since I didn’t make a webpage I have forgotten what HTML codes to use. I also can’t find my HTML book so I searched online and found a sight that tells you what HTML codes to use to create banners, tables, marquees and more. So now I will be trying some different things on this blog and than move on to making a webpage.

How are your resolutions going on day three of 2017?

Outdoor Furniture Revamped

I have had a set of 4 metal chairs which I repaint every five years or so. Since spring is here and summer is on the way, I thought I would share my most recent outdoor furniture revamp. Instead of painting the chairs and small table the same color, I decided to use five different colors of spray paint.

Outdoor Furnisher Revamped (2)What do you think of the colors? I wasn’t sure about the white chair but it definitely adds a brightness to the set.Outdoor Furnisher Revamped (5)

Especially since one chair is a dark hunter green and the table is black.Outdoor Furnisher Revamped (7)

These five colors also go with some fabric I had. That means I could make pillows for the chairs and end up with a very colorful outdoor sitting area.Outdoor Furnisher (4)


Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day


I got out my St. Patrick’s Day storage tote and this is what I found:



a couple of hats, bead necklace, 2 pins,  a candle, a metal plaque,

a cookie cutter (which I will not be using for cookies but for a flag),

a pair of socks and lots of shirts.

St. Paddy Stuff (4)

I haven’t bought anything new this year but maybe I’ll check out some after holiday sales.