Flea Market


We have been trying to find a way to market the items we are making in the wood shop. We have the conversion picnic tables, horseshoe door hinges, American and Mexican Flag, as well as “Beware of the . . .” sign. We decided to try a flea market at a Vintique store a couple of weeks ago. I also took some other smaller items such as: cross-stitched shirts and towels, Precious Moments pillows, collectible Elvis Presley and Marilyn plates and a classic car.


We printed flyers and business cards so customers would have our information if they decided to order something. We set up before 7 a.m. with the flea market running from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It was a beautiful day but started getting hot around noon. Although we made many contacts, we did not make a sale. Very disappointing ;-(


Precious Moments Pillows

I purchased this printed material of the boy and girl from Precious Moments. I’m a bit disappointed by the way they ended up but they are still cute. With this type of printed fabric all you have to do is cut out the pattern from the fabric – sew it with right sides together leaving an opening – stuff it with poly-fil – finally hand sew the opening to complete the pillows. I feel I should add some dimension. Maybe add something to the eyes or sew through the whole thing to emphasis the arms or head. What do you think?