Photo Albums

Yesterday was crazy here in southern California.  We had a thunderstorm with an inch of rain. That’s really unusual for California but can be expected in Louisiana. I guess the weather is just acclimating us. Even with the heat, 110 degrees, and humidity, I was able to complete 3 photo albums: 1 from Mac’s childhood, 1 from Louisiana and 1 with my son’s school stuff. Today I will try to get my daughter’s album done and maybe the one from when we lived in Germany.

It is sort of cool to see all the pictures from years ago. So much you forget. Anyway – I continue on this quest. Have a great Wednesday!!


Find a Rainbow Day

I do love seeing rainbows after or during rain with the sun shining. Hope I see at least one this year. Sometimes you can’t even see the ends. Where do you think they go?

*Perhaps one of the more interesting and yet lesser-known holidays is an event that is known as Find a Rainbow Day. As you may have already guessed, this celebration occurs during the month of April each year (after all, the early spring is known for its fair share of these beautifully stunning phenomena).

Of course, finding a rainbow is not as easy as it sounds and if you are lucky enough to find yourself outside just after a rainstorm in early April, you may just be able to catch a quick glimpse and even take a snapshot of one of these wonderful natural events.

While the exact origins of this day remain rather obscure, there are many who enjoy cooking colorful foods on this day; treats such as jello and cookies being some of the most common items. So, it appears that there are indeed times when a bit of rain is not necessarily a bad thing!


Christmas Drawing Near

Christmas is only 3 days away.  Here in southern California we are getting rain which has been scarce for about 5 years.  Needless to say we have found a few leaks but nothing serious. Today is Forefathers’ Day which you can read about below if you wish.  I thought I would share a simple table center piece just to get into the spirit.



*Few things are more important to Americans than heritage. Remembering where you come from, and how hard you’ve worked to get where you are are all integral parts of the concept of the American dream. For those reasons, no holiday could be more American in nature than Forefathers’ Day, a holiday that celebrates the first ever pilgrims courageously sailing across the vast ocean they knew very little about at the time, in search of a better life and freedom from religious prosecution. When they set foot on the shores of North America, they themselves were the beginning of a new country that would one day become a world superpower. Now that’s definitely an event worth celebrating.

The History of Forefathers’ Day

Forefathers’ Day is a commemoration of the pilgrims who sailed the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Mayflower, in 1620. As they had left England in search of better days, the Pilgrim Fathers settled on US territory, which they subsequently christened New England. And as they had set sail from Plymouth, England, they decided to give their landing spot the whimsical name of Plymouth Rock. Therefore, Forefathers’ Day is a holiday celebrated mainly in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 22. The holiday was introduced to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1769, so it has quite a long history and tradition. However, the joyous occasion was first celebrated in 1769, because 149 years after the forefathers actually arrived in North America, some descendants decided to gather for a feast in honour of their ancestors, who would have been their great-great-grandfathers.



Umbrella Day



I did not know that there is a day set aside each year to celebrate the umbrella.  But that is today.  Living in Southern California we don’t see much rain so wouldn’t think that umbrellas would be very useful here.  However, many people use them for shade when walking down the street on our hot summer days.  Not only will an umbrella keep you dry but they can also keep you in the shade.  Have a great day whether you are using an umbrella or not.  🙂



* How to Celebrate National Umbrella Day

It’s great to show a little appreciation towards a nifty invention like the umbrella, a functional object keeps you safe from the sun and dry from the rain. It’s also a decorative object for many, serving as an accessory that can even be color coordinated with your outfit. Enjoy this unique national holiday, celebrated in the United States every February 10th.




Romaine vs. Wind

romaine 1-29-16Mac has designed this aquaponics bed with the 45 day cabbage and red romaine.  They have been growing since November 2015.  These are great for salads any time and very tasty.  Isn’t it amazing how vegetables always taste better when they are home-grown.


We live in southern California and don’t get much weather. But when we do, it is often extreme.  Yesterday (January 31st) a rain and wind storm came through our area. We got a little rain but the wind was vicious.  It blew about our house all day and night and this is what our once lovely romaine now looks like. romaine 1-31-16 The 45 day cabbage did not sustain much damage as it is low profile.  The only positive thing is that the romaine did not break  just got a little bent.

New Car For Me

So we purchased a pre-owned Toyota Camry because I didn’t want to ride my motorcycle in the rain this winter.  I know – it’s not bad riding weather it’s bad riding gear. But I am older and have chosen not to ride in bad weather. That means cold  or wet. That being said the Camry we purchased is in really good shape and gets good gas mileage as I am traveling about 35 miles to and from my driving job.20151231_150423


By the way the rain has made it to southern California today. It is windy and raining steady. We’ll be staying home tonight through tomorrow and even Thursday until I have to go to work in the evening.  This weather makes you want to stay home, watch movies and maybe have a hot toddie or some other tasty beverage.