Watermelon & Cheese Snacks

Here is an easy appetizer or mid-day snack for Watermelon Day. Cut  some watermelon into cubes. Then take whatever mild cheese you have and cut into cubes also. I used Swiss cheese but Baby Bel or Monterey Jack would also work. The next choice is what type of skewers to use. You can use the long bamboo or metal skewers. I used some small cocktail sword skewers for small bite size snacks.You will notice that I placed some extra watermelon cubes in the center of my plate since I had some extra watermelon cut.


National Sewing Machine Day

Since today is National Sewing Machine Day, maybe I should spend some time sewing.  I do need to mend a cat bed, a shirt, a pair of jeans and a chair seat.  Sounds like a good plan. I had a good day yesterday when I finished my fathers popcorn & snack bag for Fathers Day.  I’ll share pictures later this week. Maybe I’m finally getting into the swing of things again.

*Observed annually on June 13 is National Sewing Machine Day.  This day honors the invention of the sewing machine.  It is hard to imagine having to sew things together by hand, stitch by stitch.

Skilled cabinet-maker and English inventor, Thomas Saint, received the first patent for a design of a sewing machine in 1790.  It was intended for leather and canvas, was never advertised and no evidence of it, other than his drawings, could be found.  In 1874, William Newton Wilson found Saint’s drawings in the London Patent Office, made adjustments and built a working model. The London Science Museum currently owns Wilson’s model.

  • Walter Hunt invented the first American lockstitch sewing machine in 1832.
  • John Greenough patented the first sewing machine in the United States in 1842.





I really enjoy watermelon so today is a great day.  I actually have a quarter of a watermelon in my fridge today.  I will cut it up and take it with us when we get in our truck for a snack.
Here is a recipe for a Watermelon Slushie that serves 6.  Hope you enjoy!

watermelon slushie


2 c. seedless watermelon, cubed (add’l for garnish)
1/3 c. light Agave Nectar
¼ c. lemon juice
2 c. fresh strawberries, quartered (add’l for garnish
3-4 c. ice cubes


In a blender, add watermelon, agave nectar & lemon juice. Cover and process on high speed for one minute. Add strawberries and process on high for an additional minute. Add ice cubes, one at a time, processing on high for 1 to 2 minutes after each addition of ice, until ice mix is completely chopped and drink is slushy. Garnish with watermelon and strawberry slices. Serve immediately.

NOTE: You can add 2 cups of rum to give this drink a kick. Before adding the ice, pour half of the watermelon & strawberry mixture into a pitcher. Add 1 cup of rum to blender then follow instructions to add ice. When this batch is done, repeat and make the second half.



watermelon face*  Watermelon is the perfect fruit to enjoy on August 3rd.  It is also National Watermelon Day. Enjoyed by many, it is a favorite at summertime events such as picnics and fairs.  Watermelon is 92% water, which is why it is so refreshing.

Watermelon is a vine-like flowering plant originally from southern Africa. Its fruit, which is also called watermelon, is a special kind referred to by botanists as a pepo, a berry which has a thick rind (exocarp) and fleshy center (mesocarp and endocarp). Pepos are derived from an inferior ovary and are characteristic of the Cucurbitaceae. The watermelon fruit, loosely considered a type of melon – although not in the genus Cucumis – has a smooth exterior rind (usually green with dark green stripes or yellow spots) and a juicy, sweet interior flesh (usually deep red to pink, but sometimes orange, yellow, or white).

The fruit was likely first cultivated for its ability to hold plentiful water in a desert landscape, especially since the wild melon was bitter or tasteless.  Seeds and art found in tombs of Pharaohs are substantial evidence of the watermelon’s value. Cultivation and breeding brought out the better qualities of sweet and tender fruit we enjoy today.

Watermelons can grow enormous, and you will find competitions across the country which award prizes each year for the largest one.  The Guinness Book of World Records states that the heaviest watermelon weighed 262 pounds. To learn more refreshing watermelon facts, check out www.watermelon.org.



*   http://www.nationaldaycalendar.com/national-watermelon-day-august-3/

Oyster Delight

Valentine H'Orduevers (2)



This year I have decided to make an appetizer to share with My Valentine, Mac.  It is very easy and can be made the day before so you can start your Valentine’s Day with a sexy snack with champagne.  We had it with a Gran Spumante.  Give it a try and enjoy the day with your loved one.




Oyster Delight (1)16 oz. Cream cheese, at room temperature
3 – 3.75 oz. cans smoked oysters, chopped
4 green onions, chopped
Juice of 1 lemon
Worcestershire sauce, to taste
Hot sauce, to taste
½ c. Macadamia nuts
1 bunch parsley





Oyster Delight (4)

Combine cream cheese, oysters, onions, juice, Worcestershire & hot sauce. Place nuts & parsley in food processor. Process until chopped & well combined – you may need to add lemon juice to make it smooth. Combine nut & parsley mixture into oyster mixture.



Oyster Delight (9)



This is better if made the day before so flavors can mingle. Serve with crackers and/or cut vegetables.