Wood Shop Signs

Since opening the wood shop I have been making several signs. I’ve gotten pretty good at making them. I find a piece of flat wood, paint it, stencil the letters and paint with a contrasting color. This is our “OPEN” sign that hangs on the wood shop door which can be seen on the road when the shop door is open. You’ll notice I have placed a credit card logo sticker that came with the Square (which is a phone attachment to take credit payments).

Our “ORDER NOW” sign hangs on the gate. As you can see it list the tables at the top and my phone number on the bottom.



Here is the sign I made to use when I have my furniture and home décor sales.

The only other signs I will need to make are for the different holidays.


Blue Wine Display

I shared the wine displays we have made in our wood shop.  Today I wanted to show you the nice blue wine display I finished.  I do like this color of blue.



I also decided to make a smaller American Flag.  The trickiest part about making different sizes of flags is making the stencil for the stars.  I use an exacto knife set which I got for Christmas





and print the stars on a piece of paper.  Then I sit and cut out all 50 stars.