Camper Shell

Last week Mac & I found a camper shell for our truck. We spent 2 days in San Onofre trying to get it on the truck. The biggest issue was the hydraulic jacks were not working properly. What a pain. Finally on the truck and now sitting in the parking structure. Mac is trying to repair the jacks so we can get it off the truck and start making it ready for the animals. This is the first step in getting ready to move to Louisiana.

The next thing is deciding on what type of trailer or storage container to use for  moving. We haven’t decided whether to take the boat off the trailer and putting floor and sides on it or renting a POD or a UHaul truck. Still some time since we won’t be moving for at least 6 months or maybe a year. My son would like to purchase the place but can’t for at least 6 months so he is showing a good credit score. That works out fine.

The other thing we need to do is start going through all the stuff we have collected for 20 years living here. You know stuff in the garage, stuff in the shop and even stuff in the parking structure. Not to mention everything in the house.



Has anyone moved recently? We have lived here in the same house since 1997. That’s 20 years in September. We are talking about leaving as we have equity and can move to Louisiana and live comfortably for at least a year on what we can sale the property. Now that being said, how do you decide what goes and what stays. We have 4 dogs and 5 cats that will be moving with us.

We decided last week on this move and have given my son first chance at purchasing this property. The next thing is getting a camper shell for the truck to convert to a place for the animals to travel. We will also need a trailer to pull behind the truck. This week we have went to see 2 camper shells. The first one is too big and the 2nd one has a leaky roof and damaged flooring. Neither one will work so we will keep looking. For the trailer, we do have a boat sitting on a nice trailer. To convert it, we would need to remove the boat – Ugh – and then put a floor and sides on the trailer frame.

The idea of moving is overwhelming. We have collected so much stuff. We will probably leave large appliances and furniture but take the generator, power washer and tools. We will most likely sell the motorcycles and car just so we don’t have to move them. We will put the golf cart up for sell next week and should be able to get a couple thousand dollars. How many small kitchen appliances, pans, dishes, glasses, etc. should we take? Then of course paperwork and pictures will be going. I have collected quite a bit of holiday decorations. Do we take them or leave them? We have wood and projects in the shop. Should we take any of that stuff?

The one good thing right now is that we only work on Saturday and Sunday so we have 5 days a week to plan this move.

Rice Bag Pillow

I’m not sure where I got this rice bag but it is from a Louisiana rice mill.


To make a pillow I first used a white linen to make the inner pillow and stuffed it with batting.


I then placed the inner pillow inside the rice bag and hand sewed the opening. 


Simple as that and you have a country style pillow for your home.





This week I am trying to organize a couple of things. First I cleaned out my Christmas wrapping paper bin so it was ready to be stored until next year. Yesterday I went through my movies/DVD’s to make sure my list was accurate. Today I plan on reorganizing my fabric and craft/work area. That leaves preparing files for next years bills & receipts as well as boxing up 2014 files and destroying 2009 files. That should take care of this week before the new year.

One of the projects I would like to accomplish in 2017 is going through a two drawer safe that has pictures and papers. This is where I have been throwing stuff for years with no organization just somewhere to put them. This will probably be very time consuming. But as you know starting a project can sometimes be the real challenge.

Work Space

Workspace (4)


I’m usually very organized but I have let my work space get out of control. I have a pretty nice space set aside.



One table has my sewing machine while the other 2 are a mess with sewing, quilting and craft stuff. Of course there has to be cat toys around

Workspace (2)

This got out of hand when I started working 5 nights a week from 6 to 12 hours with a 45 minutes drive each way. So now I just need to decide where to start and get some of these projects completed or at least some stuff to a point where they are not just sitting on my work space.Workspace (1)

May decide to bring in another table specifically for cutting and piecing quilts. Not sure if that is a good idea or not. Giving myself more surface to lay stuff. Only time will tell.

Basket Weave Pillow

Since I am making the Rainbow Square quilt I thought I will also make a Basket Weave patchwork pillow using the maroon fabric to match.


Basket Weave Pillow_5

As you can see these fabrics are colorful and should make for a very pretty pillow. This pattern is simple as it uses strips of material made into 9 squares.

The top of the pillow is finished so now I am using a fabric that used to be the lining of a skirt to make the pillow form. This is better than just stuffing your finished pillow. It gives you the capability of changing the pillow case when you want a change or it needs to be washed. If you purchase a preformed pillow, you can place it directly into your finished pillow case.


Basket Weave Pillow (1)



By laying your pillow top on the lining, will allow you to make the pillow form the correct size. Then cut the solid fabric in the same manner.






Basket Weave Pillow (3)Basket Weave Pillow (4)

Next you will sew the pillow form and the pillow case with right sides together leaving an opening on 1 side.





Then stuff the inner pillow with poly-fil. At this time make sure, the pillow form fits inside the pillow case properly before sewing the opening closed with a quick stitch. If all fits well, place the pillow form into the pillow case. Then you can hand stitch the opening of the pillow case or you can do a top stitch all the way around the pillow case to seal it shut. As my pillow form fits snugly into the pillow case, I had to do the quick stitch to close the opening.

Basket Weave Pillow (8)Basket Weave Pillow (6)

Basket Weave Pillow (7)


As you will notice I am using a solid blue fabric for the back of the pillow. This gives you an option a print or a solid depending on your mood.Basket Weave Pillow (9)


Basket Weave Pillow (10)

And voila – a beautiful pillow!